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  1. Actually you are half right. Most hospitals charged 1650 baht per dose (through the Private Hospitals Association), and there will be no refunds, but are transferable. The 550 baht you are talking about is the price the 'Thai Red Cross' are charging, nothing to do with the Hospital prices. But these doses are not for individuals..more for companies etc, and they also have to donate some doses for vulnerable people.
  2. As I am, I believe you are a Thai speaker also ..so for me I always refer as 'tibbian barn' (Blue or yellow) as Thai people usually do not understand 'housebook'.
  3. @Neeranam I don't think I need this yellow passport when I go to the UK and back, if I have my vaccine cert. I agree with your thoughts, but I think of the Yellow vaccination Book/passport as I do the pink ID card/ Yellow Tibbian Barn/Thai licence/credit card etc. As a foreigner I get every legal document/card that is available to us...just a good feeling to have them.
  4. Maybe less posts from you would be good for the rest of us, as your 'rep' is definitely rock bottom.
  5. useless; like the MorProhm carp application which works possibly between 2.10-2.12, am that is! Can you rewrite this, to make it understandable.!!
  6. This sentence does not make any sense. Can you rephrase it so it's understandable.. Thank you
  7. No..they want the 13 digit number off your completed vaccination certificate, not from a pink ID card.
  8. if Nick dean said it...then it must be true!
  9. Correct... Pfizer is not available for Thai citizens anywhere at this time (only foreigners). This will probably change before the end of the year, when Sinovac and Sinopharm run out, then Thai's will start to get only Pfizer or AZ.
  10. That is very serious. Not sure why you are asking Asean Now members for advice on this.... Believe you should be talking with much higher authority.
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