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  1. Just booked return flight Utapao-Samui dev 24th-26th for 4400 baht.
  2. It's just another piece of paper on the wall, you can have as many as you want, bar, restaurant, massage shop, live music.
  3. Was asked about restaurant licensing, not SHA certification
  4. Haven't done it in Pattaya, but here's the procedure on Samui. Apply at the revenue office, (company or Thai national) 30 min. 1200 baht. One year license
  5. It was this small STD clinic that helped me. The infection started under the foreskin after some rough sex. Got more gooe and then bleeding all all the foreskin. Now it has spread to my lungs and throat, can hardly eat my medicine. But feeling better after the first two pills.
  6. So after 5 days getting worse and started to have lung problems I took a Covid test and it was negative, instead I was diagnosed with bacterial blood infection. Got antibiotics for five days (huge pills). @Sheryl, can you explain the procedure for me
  7. So my ex wife and son are infected but symptom free. They got transferred to the field hospital where they have to quarantine. Room and board for 30 baht per day. Thought I'll share the horror they must endure.
  8. This is the field hospital they force my family to stay in for 30 baht per night.
  9. Is a cable made in the USA still called a USB
  10. OK, old in Thailand but new in Pattaya. I live on KhaoTalo, what baht bus line goes here, what should I pay to soi Buakhao. Guess I have to change here, how much from Pattaya Tai to Treetown. Also, how much should I pay moto taxi same trip.
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