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  1. I have a smart tag so my phone can find me. I also have a tag in my bike so I remember where I parked it.
  2. Paid 600 baht per night in Phuket sandbox
  3. It's regulated. Shops can only charge for work Ever noticed that all gold shops are owned by a certain faction of Chinese-Thai
  4. https://xiaomi-mi.com/news-and-actions/how-to-find-your-lost-mi-smartphone/
  5. I got 2 shots in Sweden. Also never saw the vials.
  6. You wait until someone calls you and offers you 300% return per week .
  7. Last month when I arrived in Phuket Sandbox. 25 min from exit plane to sit in taxi. One hour later arrived in hotel, took shower and complimentary Gin Tonic. 2 hours after arrival in hotel I got an Email and the reception called me confirming I was tested negative and free to roam Phuket.
  8. Will this mean the bars are closed?
  9. Have you considered installing Bluestack on your laptop. It's an Android emulator that let you run Android apps on your laptop.
  10. I did sandbox, Phuket in September did we meet for a beer on soi Nanai.
  11. Hi, as you all know I'm new in Patttaya. I need to find a shop with casings for Thai amulets. My favourite has got water inside and need to be fixed. Any help appriciated.
  12. On my app it's free to read their messages. Without subscription I can message them every 10min.
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