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  1. The greatest beer run ever? Presumably running away from Hua Hin when they found they couldn't get e beer there.
  2. Breakfast is my one exception to the rule to always eat what the locals eat, as I find the standard Asian breakfast - finishing up the leftovers from the night before - does not necessarily give the energy boost the body craves first thing in the morning. My standard breakfast has become a bowl of yoghurt mixed with honey and whatever fruits the garden is supplying that day (mango, papaya, banana, pineapple, jackfruit, star fruit, mangosteen, plus a few others known only to the indigenous population), topped with muesli. Followed by toast, butter and marmalade/jam, all washed down with freshly
  3. Perhaps they say "Thai people" because (like about 80% of posters here) they don't know the plural of Thai. It is of course Thais, not Thai's. Just as you would write Brits, not Brit's.
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