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  1. Good Morning All here's a new one for Today Q7) .. When I was 6 Years old I broke my leg ... Q6) .. Haven't a clue , suspect it has something to do with Sherlock Holmes ..anyone?
  2. Hi seedy , the idea of this game is to post the quote , ideally the most memorable part and allow others to try and work out who is supposed to have said/sung it. No points are awarded for answering your own question...
  3. Jose Mourinho 1st Press interview on joining Chelsea from Porto ... I'm not.... one of the bottle , I sink I am a Special One!
  4. "One suggested that entrants to the euphemistically named "Entertainment Complex" should be at least 21 years old and be able to prove they have a million baht in the bank." Another suggestion being , that those wishing to exit should be able to prove that they have substantially less than a million baht in the bank. Oh! , and must still be at least 21 years old!
  5. When I was young (and I have it on good authority , that I was once) , we used to play a game called hangman , where you had to find the name of eg. a film , actor , sportsperson or the like , from a number of guesses of the letters in the name. Another game of a similar nature was charades , which , as far as I know still popular today. So a variation on a theme here for some amusement this Friday afternoon. I will kick of with part or all of a famous quote and first to get the correct answer , gets to post up the next quote... Where only part of a quote is given , then th
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