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  1. Hi Guys - OP here we are back from our jollies in issan, and i even got a ride in the truck it turns out the loan is not from the pink bank, but from a finance company that the car showroom organised, who then came to the house and did the paperwork. hence the high interest rates i guess. the mrs says this is how lots of vehicles are purchased up there, by people who dont have much cash at the time. appreciate all the comments. i think calling the loan company and trying to rearrange lower payments / one off payment is our only hope of paying less on this loan.
  2. Hi Guys, before i met the mrs she signed up with the farmer bank for a loan to buy a toyota pick up for her family for 400k baht. she is paying 7000 baht a month, over 7 years, plus 100K upfront This works out as nearly 700,000 baht. It is now 1.5 years into it, and her remaining balance is 530k. i asked her how old the pick up is and she said 8 years old. so, she still has to pay 530k baht for an 8 year old truck. i suggested, maybe she could just walk away from the payments, and i will buy the family a truck for 200k or so, then there is no more worries about paym
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