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  1. Pre Covid, my regular watering hole (European run) tried to keep hookers out. It did not succeed, there was regularly a group of ladies in their twenties who would come in, buy a small beer and try to pick up a "rich" farang. All wanted a permanent position.
  2. My favourite is not available in Thailand. In the summer it is "Fair Jenny's Jig" and in winter "Rabbies Porter" both made on the premises at the Glenpark Hotel in Ayr. In Thailand. I cannot stand Chang, Leo is acceptable but slightly too sweet, Singha is better and the best of a poor lot is Tiger. It all depends on your own taste. As a highland barman told a tourist the "best whisky is the one you enjoy for yourself."
  3. Do you mean Kad Kwang. Buffalo Market?
  4. Sorry, I could not find that, in fact I was unaware it existed. I have been educated now.
  5. I am not sure which forum to post this in. Mods may move to a more appropriate venue. Today all the major currencies I looked at have dropped precipitously against the Thai Baht. What happened?
  6. I had a slight reaction after the 1st jag and the symptoms lasted until midday the next day. 2nd jag, no reaction at all.
  7. I am and occasional DIYer. To that end I do not want to splash out on new tools. I am looking for a secondhand Tool Shop in the Chiang mai area preferably south end towards Hang Dong and Sanpatong. I am specifically looking at the moment for a bradawl(which appears to be totally unknown locally) and a chuck key. Any member with a local knowledge?
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