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  1. Yes of course, just thought if you were retired time is not such an issue, so 1 week home quarantine is not the end of the World. Conversely if you are retired no problem waiting for a few more weeks before going. Personally when the opportunity is there like the OP i am going for it, as God knows if it all kicks off again when countries might restrict entrance again.
  2. I dont actually think you need one, it just perhaps makes it easier when returning to Thailand. I have booked an appointment for vaccine passport, but the system seems utterly useless and two weeks after booking the appointment, still nothing has been confirmed. I was just going to take my official vaccination cert, and the Mor Phrom App on the phone- i will also get a PCR/Antigen test done 72 hours before departure. All booked now, the only one which is concerning me slightly is the Vaccine passport as that one you need to deal with Thai bureaucracy rather than professionals, whic
  3. I, like you booked back to the UK in early November, and like you booked Qatar Airways, but unlike yours, mine was 120K THB.
  4. Buy his land and the surrounding land, so you have a considerable buffer between your house and any of your neigbhours. Obviously you will be raked over the coals but it is one idea.
  5. I would not be unduly worried, i very much doubt the General will actually spend anytime down there, it will all be done 'remotely' from army barracks and army golf courses in BKK.
  6. You could be right...I was sure that I remember the Novotel being built, but seems my memory is playing tricks on me. Anyway the soi is still a shadow of its old self- was on a spiral way before Covid.
  7. It was definitely dying for a good 10 years- after Office closed, Noble started develping condos, and the strip near the entrance where great places like Barfly were got built into a Novotel. I run down there fairly often and although its not completely devoid, its pretty damn dead with a few <deleted>ty looking bars still open, mostly catering to Japanese. A shadow of its former self.
  8. You tried Omazz? They have one on Ekkamai, and i went to their one in Siam Premium Outlet a few weeks ago.
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