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  1. I'm sorry, but the 'test on arrival' and going into a forced hotel for as long as it takes Thai people to do something is still a prison quarantine and will deter thousands of the millions that the TAT tw*ts think are queueing up to visit this fine land. Anyone who's double jabbed and tests negative before getting on the plane should have the freedom to walk out of the airport and go where they like!
  2. I think it's fair to say that most of us on here are males, over 30, and like a drink. Some member have been into a go-go bar. Many members have settled and now have kids with a Thai. Therefore there will be more than enough to bitch about this proposed lack of a bar scene. But as some astute members have already mentioned, the TAT hopes for numbers in dreamland, and usually say the opposite of what's true. We all want better neighbours, better friends, cleaner streets etc, so it's fair for 'them' to think that they want the tourist dollar without the tarnish. There wil
  3. Who in their right mind would come here for a HOLIDAY of usually no more than 14 days, with the genuine risk of being imprisoned for 14 days because of the potential positive PCR on arrival?! Surely, the negative PCR before take off is enough. The risk of a second PCR is too high.
  4. 'More than 20 police officers' attended.. for WHAT possible (logical) reason did they need to attend? Forget about performing your duties, or risking the spread of Covid in such a crowded place! If I was their boss* I would punish at least 17 of them for being there! *of course, that 'boss' would have to have proper police work at heart, and not lazy corruption... but you get what I mean.
  5. Sweden? also, as I have mentioned in another thread, what happens if you come with friends or family and have already tested NEGATIVE before your departure but you (just one of your couple or group) test POSITIVE upon arrival? This just cannot work!
  6. Well, this post is doing well, isn't it? Surely even this member of 12 years has the brains to deal with this... but I reckon the post is nonsense! No one, even a newbie, would be daft enough to agree to this, or daft enough to ask strangers. Could it be one of those 'attention-seeking' posts that has no truth in it?
  7. So we've had the POLICE telling kids not to watch Squid Game and now doctors warning 'other adults' not to use a bottle opener on their willies! Charles Darwin had a theory, and we should let it play out!
  8. For me, it's quite clear about the PCRs. If you test positive before you come, you don't get on the plane! BUT testing positive when you arrive is just not fair, because you won't be allowed back on a plane and you (or your insurance) will have to pay for 14 or more days in a hospital here, and if you're only coming for 7-10 days your proper screwed. Think about annual leave allowances and return flights etc. Also, this would be bad enough for people travelling alone, but most will travel with family, friends, or love partners. In conclusion, the 'post-arrival test' is the main
  9. I think, like most of the 'decisions' recently, that their tactic is to give us teasers/spoilers and see what the reaction is, and then make the decision based on the reaction. They're too dumb (and to scared of getting it wrong time and time again) to just make a decision and it be wrong, even though they do like a good flip flop u-turn! That's my take on it anyway. But wouldn't it have been wise for the Bangkok Guvnor to send out feelers before chaining boats to bridges!
  10. I chose to play that video on double speed, and when I say CB Media, I was grateful of my decision! He has THE MOST ANNOYING voice, and I have no idea how on earth his clips get so many views!
  11. Why does he need to say 'no gambling' about Covid, when gambling's illegal anyway? I know. I know, as previous posters have explained, and we all know it goes on, but him saying 'don't gamble' due to covid, he's effectively saying that gambling is acceptable at other times!
  12. For anyone who wants to see the full fight, this was/is on Facebook in English and worked just fine this morning.. https://www.facebook.com/102135868504878/videos/1550530868620590/ And I feel that it's well worth the watch!
  13. Aside from fuel required to charge these things, how are the batteries made, and what happens to the batteries when their (short) life ends? Walking, or cycling consume 'clean' energy. Using mules, elephants etc is no longer acceptable. Too many people on the planet, and we need to reduce or at least control the number...
  14. She appears to speak a lot of sense, as do most replying members/posters. Let's hope this happens, and soon!
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