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  1. I'm already vaxxed thanks Rob... so you're missing my point. My analogy was just an example of how some people behave when in a false sense of security compared to people who feel vulnerable. But with my hermit-like lifestyle I can only really go on old memories of how I behaved on bikes and in bed.
  2. I'm finding it hard to see the point of these vaccines, or forcing people to have them, if things like this happen. Yes, I know the usual brigade will jump on me to say things like 'they keep people out of hospital' 'it's for the good of others etc' but in places like sports stadia, nightclubs, large companies etc where everyone must show they're vaccinated it doesn't seem to make much difference. In fact, it could be worse! Ask any motorcyclist how he/she rides without a helmet (slower) or with full leathers (faster). The same analogy could be used with a condom and casual sex.
  3. They should make previously-arrested convicts make these vinyl boards while behind bars!
  4. I find it quite ironic that this thread starts with a link to the Daily Fail/Mail. For those who are not British, this rag is a tabloid among the lowest of the low. Not worth the paper it's printed on. As for the whole vaccine argument, still nobody has made it clear to me how this works... 'You have the vaccine to protect others from getting Covid, as well as protecting yourself getting serious symptoms' and 'Even if you have had all the jabs, you can still get Covid and pass it on to others.' So, if vaccinated people can still become infected and i
  5. Has anyone clarified how all these foreign tourists will actually get to Hua Hin? Will they land in and pass through BKK? I guess if Bangkok is still closed next week (as expected) then there will be next to zero flights... so each airline will have flights for Hua Hin! This doesn't sound like it will work to me, but maybe I'm missing something.
  6. So, we all believe her to be guilty before trial do we? But the press have her name and photo for all to see. What evidence do we have? An arrest warrant and the 'word' of our wonderful police force. Ok, so it's likely that she committed the crimes but please let her go to court first.
  7. The red line has two sections. #1 Bag Sue - Rangsit (stopping at about 12 stations on the way, including Don Meaung) #2 Taling Chan - Bang Bamru - Bang Son - Bang Sue This system was 'being tested' for months before they let the public on. I'm not sure why all of a sudden the trains are noisy. I really like it, although on one trip the train went really slow for the last two stops.
  8. Anyone want a cute, young puppy? Nonthaburi/Bangkok. While out jogging early this morning I saw a car acting suspiciously. Rear passenger door open, and street dogs barking. 45 minutes later I found this little thing, all alone at the side of the road near where the car had stopped. https://goo.gl/maps/XtjQKQkRGDh3yAay8 So, now we're looking for a home for this lovely little pooch. And the scum who abandoned her should watch this video... https://youtu.be/JMs7dkdO4YY
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