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  1. You have to wait until the flower falls from the tree,i have had it a lot,fried.
  2. Soon the cold season will be here again,ideal time to go camping. I like to go camping taking my small motorbike and heading out for a few days. We just returned from a trip south and it was really nice. The problem is the guys i went with are all living far away and it is not easy to organize a trip that way. I am looking for local people to start a group here to go out on shorter or longer trips. All you need is a bike(anything will do) and basic camping equipment,tent,sleeping bag and a few other things. Anyone interested?
  3. I hope the USA demands a full investigation and not accept this to be swept under the carpet like so many other things. Normally investigations go as far as they are allowed to go and some minor people are sacrificed. Dig deep!Follow the money all the way to the end.
  4. My phone got wet and was repaired but is giving problems again and i pretty well have to accept i need a new one. I bought this one nearly three years ago and i know new phones have a lot better features now. The main thing i use it for is take pictures of the garden and animals and stuff. Also make a few calls a week but really mostly for pictures,not selfies. Any idea what to get?My phone now is a Xiaomi and i was pretty happy with it. Not looking to spend over 5000 baht.
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