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  1. No real need for anyone below 75 years of age to get this vaccine according to latest statistics. Statistics don't look great especially for young people and such who received 2 shots after the effect starts to wane (about 3-4 months after the 2nd shot). Natural immunity may well be the way to go for the data we see in spearheading countries like Israel and certain US states. It's a nightmare over there. It would be so bad if Thailand sees the same development if the country is betting so heavily on these 'vaccines'. Why do so few countries check the actual DATA we already have? Fu
  2. People were always just visiting Pattaya for the 'cultural and natural' activities. Who doesn't know the world-reknowned fantastic beaches with crystal clear water, the top-notch road system with revolutionary drainage systems and auto-repairing potholes, strategically placed manhole covers, the carefully maintained green areas and lush parks all over the city, and the clear tap water? It's amazing. Still, maybe using rational thinking, seeing "Covid" for what it is (similar to catching a flu for non-risk groups, and something mainly risk groups should find all options to prot
  3. yes, mainly people either over 80yo and/or belonging to other risk groups. The fear-mongering seems to work well on you. I'm all for as many options for risk groups and others to protect themselves as possible - but making the whole population suffer, taking their options to make a living, or coercing people into a world-wide beta test with a vaccine involving record numbers of adverse reactions and with unknown long-term effects has been a horrible idea from the beginning.
  4. to be specific: Thais older than 75 years. But of course, you are free to continue to be scared if you want.
  5. Yeah, [but as long as Covid hysteria continues to dominate our lives and our rational thinking], you should not be allowed to leave your house, let alone enter a bar. It's 'for the good of society', ya know?
  6. the most dangerous people (if we seriously decide to be scared of a virus that has about 99.9% survival rate for all infected < 75y) are the vaccinated - because they feel confident about being 'safe' and do stupid things not even considerate unvaccinated, very healthy people would ever do. It might be new to you, but latest studies even confirmed by the CDC have showed that vaccinated can carry a MULTIPLE of the viral load compared to unvaccinated people. If anyone is risky, it's the 'vaccinated'.
  7. Reality, however, doesn't agree with your hope. A look at Israel, Island, the UK, and now starting in the US (look at what's going on in West Virginia: 26% increase of positive cases with 'fully' vaccinated) illustrates that pretty much all the vaccine does is to help creating new mutations (exactly like the Influenza vaccines did) and make the vaccinated more vulnerable for them.
  8. Thailand didn't seem to have received the news yet that vaccinated can be just as much - if not more - infectious as unvaccinated people, and they can carry a MULTIPLE of the viral load than unvaccinated. After all, that's the reason why Israelis have seen an enourmous spike in infections despite even being *triple* vaccinated, or why England dumped all plans for a 'vaccination pass' just yesterday... What's exactly the purpose of this 'pass' - to give these people a false sense of security and make them super-spreaders, so that even the healthy get infected? I'm not af
  9. Okay, so now we can lay back and watch the situation to develop like in Island, Israel etc.? The word that vaccines don't reliably protect against infection, maybe not even against severity of symptoms (see what's going on in Israel), and that they may even fire up the development of new mutations because the virus has to 'break' the suppression doesn't seem to have reached Thailand yet. Instead, they lead to dangerous 'over-confidence' and a feeling of false safety of the vaccinated, super-spreading events by infected vaccinated people, and we don't even know which oth
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