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  1. I agree muscle factory is good.
  2. Most of them do watch it and pornography is not nearly as destructive as politics.
  3. Of course they know. They also knew that he was going to flee. It's the police. Wouldn't you say that they happen to know things?
  4. When Thailand is on par with countries like Kyrgyzstan, you know they f'd up.
  5. What's the problem with it being all over the tooth brushes?
  6. They are fully aware. The point was to blame it on the entertainment industry so it can remain shut.
  7. When it happened to me I contacted the seller and told him to transfer it to my bank account. He did.
  8. Yes you could. As a foreigner you can't just go and do it.
  9. Thais look up to Chinese.. That was a good one thx for the chuckles. This is not my opinion I heard it from wealthy Thais, that the average thai looks down on the Chinese because they're simply jealous. Thais are cute and all but let's face it they're not the hardest workers in the room. Chinese on the other hand have some serious work ethic. They are all about work work work. Their economy and all reflects it well. They are all about education, progress and working the hardest. The average thai is more like let's grab a latte, check Facebook and find a foreign bf. So as an intelligent p
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