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  1. FYI the Pfizer vaccines were available yesterday in Central Phuket Floresta as live queue "first come first served" without any prior pre-registration, without any medical conditions, for any age (not above 60 or 40). I was told about it today when it was too late. Then I've checked on Central Festival website - nothing about vaccines, and nothing on Central Festival facebook page, and in Google search. How would I find about vaccines being given out if I not roam around Phuket daily, visiting every single hospital and large mall just to check for vaccine queues?
  2. I had only positive experience with localbitcoins, even traded a relatively large sum after asking one trader on localbitcoins to do a personal meeting (but it was in happy pre-COVID times). Choose a trader that is registered for many years and has high reputation, also make sure to read all feedback about the chosen trader to make sure these reputation points are real and not made up by a million of fake newly registered accounts. Still, everything could happen, especially with personal meetings. So if going this way I would advise meeting in a large mall with many bank branches -
  3. before covid DHL was great in terms of speed and customer support, but now they appear to become very slow. Still I would trust them any expensive item or any document (e.g. my home country ships a replacement passport only by DHL in case you lose your passport, and my bank ships a replacement credit cards only by DHL too). But they ALWAYS charge any possible and impossible customs fees because they are a registered customs broker so they profit from charging those fees.
  4. I know "the rules" as I live here for many years and was on overstay myself, I even got the famous "red stamp" in my passport. That's why I wrote my post - so other people who "know the rules" would be prepared for everything. My friends "knew the rules" well so they had 40k cash with them, still I remember how they called me from the airport very angrily sharing their experience "WṪF we were forced to pay 50 THB extra for every single day, not 20'000 we were supposed to pay". So I fully support this quote:
  5. With my more than 10 years experience working in IT and a bit of infosec lately I could say that it is not even doubtful but absolutely clear that all countries have awful gaping holes in their computer systems and all countries have ignorant programmers having no clue (or giving no <deleted> about) what they are doing. And the closer to the government the worse the computer systems and programmers are, because they usually get contracts for being someone's relative and not for being a good programmer.
  6. A bit of technical detais: there is a piece of shít software called "MongoDB" which was created by some IT student on vacation, having no knowledge in informational security or computer networks. Fun facts: - by default this database binds to all network interfaces it could find (not the usual local address that all adequate databases would do) thus exposing itself to the Internet rather than the local net. - by default this database has no authentication at all, thus giving any stranger that connects to the database a full access to all data inside. The authentication
  7. there were 2 persons, each paid 20'000 "in the immigration act" and 50 THB/day extra for every single day of overstay, for several months. AFAIR they even got a payment slip for it, but I'm afraid they couldn't show a photo already because this happened several years ago.
  8. They deliver directly to you. I don't know about paying customs duties in the US but here in Thailand DHL sends you a link in SMS and you pay duties online.
  9. my recent experiences: $250 shipping by DHL (electronics): $50 tax ($20 of them is the mandatory payment to DHL that I've mentioned above, you will pay $20 even if the total shipping cost is just $30) $400 shipping by Registered Air Mail (electronics): $0 tax $500 shipping by Registered Air Mail (electronics) coming next week: will post later if I won't forget but I expect $0 tax again.
  10. Approx 15%. Note that DHL ALWAYS charges the customs fee because they profit from it — use DHL only if the item is expensive or you need a fast shipping (N.B: this is not the case lately - I've recently had a shipment from US shipped by DHL Express that came in 14 days which usually took 5 days pre-covid), otherwise use the usual Registered Air Mail because this way you might get no customs duty at all. this is my invoice for $250 shipment by DHL: paid $50 extra in taxes
  11. The 20'000 THB is the maximum official fine on paper but I know a different experience - my friend and his wife were forced to pay 50 THB extra for every single day of overstay, totaling approx 50'000 THB. And that was an official (fine? bribe?) because it happened in the Suvarnabhumi airport, not some rural border with Lao or Myanmar where extra money would certainly land in someone's pocket. TiT, you know. So I would advise to anyone on heavy overstay to have some extra money above those 20k, just in case.
  12. this. I feel new billions USD are going to be printed thus cryptos exchange rates will continue to rise.
  13. It could be a sign of a failing file system or a failing hard drive. Try a right click on that drive in "My Computer", choose "Properties" and look for a button named something like "check for errors". If "E:" is not a dedicated hard drive (like USB stick) but just a partition of the main hard drive - you should check for errors both C and D too.
  14. any Gmail or torrent could be easily blocked. if you want to publish something in really un-erasable-way then consider using Bitcoin blockchain. there is even child porn inside that is impossible to delete.
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