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  1. it is being randomly thrown to random hospitals in random amounts on random days. Just drive around all the major hospitals (also large shopping centers such as Central) in your area every day and eventually you'll get a free Pfizer shot. https://aseannow.com/topic/1240644-people-waiting-for-paid-mrna-vaccines-asked-to-get-free-pfizer-jabs-at-state-facilities/?do=findComment&comment=17007036 https://aseannow.com/topic/1232790-pfizer-vaccines-were-freely-available-yesterday-d/
  2. If Broadcom chip: - just buy a USB wifi dongle If not Broadcom: - the wifi card could have been turned off by BIOS and could require to be "manually" turned on from the command line, because sometimes a network manager could not handle such situation itself. Try executing this command: rfkill list find the number of WLAN module and if it is "blocked". If yes, unblock it with: rfkill unblock 2 replace "2" with the number from the list command. If rfkill list shows nothing it means that the required kernel module (driver) is not loaded. You cou
  3. After I've told that to a friend I've got a wonderful answer: "what? I know a family who got Pfizer there the very same day! And they're registered for the next shot in 2 weeks" - so the receptionist on the information/registration table doesn't know about the availability of vaccines in that hospital. Amazing Thailand, the vaccination process here is simply FUBAR.
  4. sure I can wire the money IN, but I'm very concerned about wiring money OUT as I'm not planning to stay here forever.
  5. It is not illegal to open an account but one must report about that account to the authorities, and this is the last thing I would do. Not sure about EU at whole but Cyprus does report about its bank accounts 100%. Yes, Thailand is great in terms of receiving large sums from abroad and hiding them from the home country, but... I will NOT bring here more money than I could afford to lose.
  6. https://mash-ru.translate.goog/letter/gde-viktor-pelewin/?_x_tr_sl=ru&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=th&_x_tr_pto=nui
  7. this one: https://lenta-ru.translate.goog/news/2021/07/19/kripta/?_x_tr_sl=ru&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=th&_x_tr_pto=ajax,elem
  8. I completely forgot about this, thank you! As I could provide services and maybe even physical goods - I could actually employ myself and I don't care about the paperwork as long as somebody else will do it (with all other paperwork of course), and as long as it costs few thousands per year - same as it costs me right now in Thailand.
  9. A forum member advised me to check Bangkok Hospital, so I went to "Bangkok Hospital Siriroj" and "Bangkok Hospital Phuket": - Siriroj: no any vaccines available except Moderna - seems that it's already in stock because the receptionist thought at first that I came for a booked Moderna until I told I need Pfizer only. - Phuket: no Pfizer available even for 40+ years old (it was available for 40+ yo last month), and they suggested to register on new website "phuket.win". Asking about my old registration on "expatvac" yielded no useful information except "no expatvac, now need to regist
  10. Which advice are you looking for? Every meme token is a casino, with croupier (and casino owner) is a creator of that token. Looking for "knowledge" or "information" on said tokens is just fooling yourself. If you enjoy playing casino - buy meme tokens, if you are looking for investments - look somewhere else.
  11. I've received another phone just one month ago, shipped by DHL, no questions asked, only "plz pay import tax" of course. The customs declaration slip clearly stated "mobile phone". Seems that it might be a "hit-or-miss". Also I've had a Wi-Fi router shipped from Australia, no problems too. The customs declaration said "Wi-Fi router". Possibly they are chasing some professional equipment or too powerful radio emitters that might cause unwanted interference? e.g. when the customs declaration says something like "Wi-Fi amplifier" instead of "Wi-Fi router" when you've actuall
  12. My beautiful country has wonderful tax laws, for example I could pay zero tax as long as I remain in Thailand. What concerns me is the fascist regime that encourages law enforcement people to extort money from the rich people, and the extremely low wages of the general public that leads to awful levels of corruption - I could easily buy a flight history of every single citizen, and their tax report, and even a history of passport number changes directly from my gov't embassy in Bangkok. So I would happily pay any taxes required if it would not lead to make "people in charge" know abo
  13. I'm in digital tulips that I plan to exchange into somewhat large sum of fiat money, and I don't want my home country's fashist regimé know about my funds. So I'd like to become a shareholder or a beneficiary in some offshore or "good for privacy onshore" company. If you are saying that EUR would be easier - I will go with EUR then. omg, that's really scary.
  14. Thank you, this somewhat corresponds with another review I've got earlier: (from clean to dirty) 1) guernsey, jersey, luxembourg, singapore 2) isle of man 3) seychelles, BVI 4) cyprus, panama, other caribbean Concerning Europe I was told that Latvia is a <deleted>hole and I'd better look at Estonia instead. Do you have a fresh information about the current rules on hiding the beneficiaries? I've read that the beneficiary list is not easily accessible in: Ireland, UAE, Hongkong, Belize; but this information is five years old.
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