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  1. I live in chok chai 30 kl outside of korat, when I arrived in a taxi here from my asq there was 2nurses waiting outside the house with there temperature guns at the ready, I tested at 38+, I could see the panic on there faces, I told them the Aircon in the taxi wasn't good so they let me go inside for 5minutes were l duly went and put my head in the freezer part of the fridge. Came out was 36.7,all smiles and they went, never even mentioned nothing about the ice cube tray stuck to my head..
  2. I had a one bedroom suite in the aspira hansa in the thonglor district of Bangkok, that was 45,000 baht food was great, I made a YouTube video of it called Asq Bangkok, definitely need that bit of extra space of a bedroom and as you said never felt penned in and the time flew over,
  3. Just been reading this is the last covid extension they will be doing, last one 26th of this month.
  4. When you have to take a Viagra,, just to stop yourself peeing on your slippers..
  5. When 5 times s night now is the amount of times you go the toilet..
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