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  1. What do you call a guy with not arms and legs hanging on a wall? Art
  2. In the US banks typically charge a flat rate ($45 at Chase last time) to transfer dollars, and then the Thai bank converts to Baht at a good rate. I think the break-even was about $8-10K last time I transferred .
  3. How'd it work? So much junk around it's hard to get a decent one anymore....
  4. I never really understood why it is so critical that a money transfer be so fast, what difference does a few days make? Unless you're trying to male bail, the important things to me are are that: A. I get the money. B. I get a good rate. C. It's easy. For smaller transfers, Wise provides all three.
  5. I like Texas Chicken, I think it's Church's in the US. I like the Mexican Chicken wraps, I think the biscuits are great, the coleslaw very good and they have a nice selection of desserts. What did you have?
  6. Vector Thai is a distributer of Rockwool and they also sell sound attenuates. Unless the noise is generated on the roof, I think it is more likely coming through the walls, windows & stairwells than the roof.
  7. You might want to install baffles and sound attenuating foam or panels. Before you do anything, read up on it.
  8. Were it me, I would look around for the closest decent looking air-conditioner shop close to your home. 1. Look at their products 2. Figure out exactly what you want 3. Go home and get pricing online 4. Go back to the shop, tell them what you want and have them come out and look at the installation and provide a quotation. 5. Compare the pricing from the shop to the online pricing and if you think you need to, hammer them down. Or if you know what brand you want contact the manufacturer and ask for the name of authorized dealers in your area and go from t
  9. I'm sure the compressors have at least a 5-Year warranty (Carrier has 10) so if they are leaking I would contact Samsung directly and have it addressed. While copper coils are better, they are much more expensive to buy than aluminum. Many/most manufacturers use both. The cheaper units have aluminum coils while the higher-end units have copper. This is the primary reason higher-end units are more energy efficient. Copper coils are relatively easy to repair while Al coils generally have to be replaced if they are leaking.
  10. Or just buy an 18V kit here and buy tool only in the US
  11. If one breaks down? That's hilarious. If you're running one most of the time and one is not run for for months at a time there will likely be issues with it. Before inverter units it might have made more sense, but I can't see it now unless it's a really long narrow room and you only occupy one end at a time. If you really want to cool all areas of a room get a cassette unit...
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