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  1. Now 17 dollars I think it uses Telstra mobile network
  2. You either like it or you don't ,it took you seven weeks to find out you could have tried another place, it took me 3 years to find out I'm not that in love with thailand for permanent but still enjoy holidays there. I didn't like pattaya either.
  3. Im a bit dumb ,if i come in visa exempt after june first i get 60 days' don't know why but knowing the fickleness of thai govs i won't change my plans until it happens.
  4. As a non handsome man i have not had any luck at harvesting clams in thailand
  5. some police act as collection agents in their spare time/ask about
  6. The nigerians will have something to say about that.
  7. that was lacessits point, it keeps the riff raff away.
  8. that was lacessits point, it keeps the riff raff away.
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