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  1. Was always taught by my father, a former soldier, that it is always better to fire the first shot to scare them off.
  2. Forty odd transactions of 34.15 filling four pages of the book. They didn’t need much convincing it wasn’t me.
  3. As soon as the problem was discovered the ATM card was cancelled and re issued. I received no SMS messages because it was below 500 baht according to the bank. The same with me as soon as I notified them at the branch in the local shopping Centre on a Sunday they took action. The following day went to the main branch. As I am recovering from an accident and couldn’t access the stairs they came out to the car and took all the details etc I call that service.
  4. I don’t use that method and if I did I would not have need for an ATM card.
  5. No, I see the continual posts from people on this site who find any reason to criticize anything and everything about Thailand. Yet strangely enough they still live here and do not return to live in their utopian homelands.
  6. Re the recent Bank Scamming, just under 1500 baht was removed from my account on the 10 October which wasn’t detected for a few days then reported to the BB bank. This was re credited to my account today by the BB. Saw a news report today by an official from the Thai Central Bank who stated that everyone who was scammed will have the money re credited in a few days. Just waiting for the negative comments by the Thai Bashers.
  7. I realize all of that and have those means of purchase however you are still relying on the protection of the provider’s systems eBay, bank, or whatever. It seems to me that if hackers can get into so called highly protected government agencies as has happened overseas they can probably access the banking system if they wish. Its the world we live in.
  8. Why is it useless? Thats my experience in dealing with our local office they will not give anything in English and if you produce any document in English they want an official translation, certified by the MFO and your own embassy. Try climbing down from your high horse.
  9. We discovered our last week about 1500 baht which the BB has already agreed to refund
  10. That’s interesting as we only took up the notification option recently with the same bank and there was no options offered or to make a monthly payment I got caught with the scam and got no notifications for the small amounts. Will go back to the branch this morning.
  11. Some might have but myself and one other I know didn't, It seems they got in through the bank’s online app which was hacked and wasn’t as secure as the bank believed.
  12. I got caught with this scam with about 40 withdrawals which the bank has agreed to refund No SMS message re the withdrawals which obviously doesn’t active for small amounts therefore didn’t detect until book updated.
  13. Well I hope the State Governments in Australia take note of your comments because outside of the CBD of most cities the power cables are overhead. I would suggest it’s about money as the cost of putting existing cables underground is huge.
  14. That might be your view, I have used my lawyer to process my retirement extension for the past ten years and I am not avoiding anything Renewed mine today took about five minutes, everything was ready Had the photos taken and left. Its the difference between flying economy and business class which I also do.
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