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  1. Although I can see no useful purpose in this inquiry while they are at it how about investigating Thaksin's cronies who supplied fittings for Suvarnabhumi Airport, eg; the tiles supplied are about 50% of the quality as specified & paid for at the higher price
  2. Which means in theory a train could go from Singapore to London (have to rejig it though on the way)
  3. The International Criminal Justice Commission said that reenactments serve no useful purpose (except of course to get lynched) but Thailand's justice system not being tied to any international system has not heard yet. One day they will catch up like their ability to use Interpol correctly
  4. Are the fish happy to have some shade ? Why build on water ? higher costs = higher commissions
  5. Only yesterday when the Health Ministry,s Boss was asked about opening ha evaded all questions on the subject & said was not up to him. Today, he is shouting his big mouth off about the subject which is all just more verbal diarrhea
  6. Still very cheap by International norms. If you can afford to run aircon 18 hours a day, you can afford or living in the wrong accommodation
  7. I said it 6 months ago & will say it again, If I can welcome you into our bar in Bangkok openly for a Christmas drink we will all be very lucky. What we are scared of is opening for a month & then "Bang" close us down for a 4th time
  8. Listen to all the grizzles on here & do your own homework. I lived in KL for 4 years & you can live a lot cheaper & better here. Immigration here is not as bad as the soothsayers say & requires a presence once a year for 3 hours at maximum. 90 day reporting can be done by remote or agent. My visa category & extension been renewed 30 times without hassles. There is talk of having to have 1mil in the bank, up from 800,000 Bht but am sure that would not worry you (not like some) But yes, the Health Insurance question here can be a worry as yo
  9. I am sure a call to the the French Embassy would be your most reliable source of info. Yiu are still stuck at this time with quarantine on your return though
  10. Very normal, just renew your WP when due if circumstances are the same
  11. I live in a 25 year old condo, with a beautiful pool buy before the days of space saving, ie, the pool is on the ground. On checking the concrete pillars & structural beams the reo is nearly twice the size of present day Hi rises & the concrete (in the structural pillars is close to undrillable. All the fill in walls are only the small bricks but totally non load bearing & just to keep the weather & neighbours out. It will last another 50 years for sure without an earthquake, God forbid
  12. Until the real airlines start proper scheduled flights into Bangkok from Europe Hua Hin will have about as much luck as Bangkok in a tourist season
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