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  1. If you have not updated your passkook every month suggest get the bank to give you 12 monthly statements
  2. It is possibly a "silly" statement to make but they should have been more vigilant in their duty all along as yes, he is right in that Thailand is a bit of a magnet for these "less than desirables" Just to clarify for some of you, any immigration officer just about anywhere in the world has the right to stop you from coming in or leaving their country. You may be surprised just how many Australians for example are denied boarding when heading for a holiday. "Good guys in, bad guys out" is great, do I feel like a criminal here, NO
  3. Having lived in both Singapora & Malaysia I have no interest in returning to either except for a holiday or a business meeting. The "really wealthy" will continue to come & go into Thailand but to invest to get a long term visa, very few
  4. If they get the price they are happy with, who cares if Somchai picks up a few $$$. Some of you are just downright miserable & give us "Farang" a bad name
  5. Look forward to hearing the outcome as not an ATM withdrawl. Is it also a debit card, as they can be dangerous as little recourse, better off getting a credit card
  6. I am also very surprised that Japan has so many. Played one out of Tokyo many years ago with my boss, the four of us had a bill at the end of the day over 1,200 USD. I was flabbergasted, thanks heavens I was not paying
  7. I do not, but I carry them in my golf bag. I know of 2 guys they reckon taking 3 x 75mg when they had heart attack symptoms could have saved their lives. Their Dr's agreed
  8. But we were being careful & policing ourselves before panic set in from the top & lot of the "Hi So's went stupid in a club in Thong Lor
  9. Great if they could attract a specialist for Thai Airways. It is the only way of saving it sadly
  10. Anthing to do with Thailand now making their own generic viagra ?
  11. The "Big Boys" in the know buy up big out of bond (pay the old tax & excise) & store for 4 weeks Sell at new prices, pure cop, which is slang for pure profit for the non English speaking persons
  12. Even NZ recorded 60 + cases last Sunday
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