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  1. Perhaps no prosecutions but there will still be shakedowns , not very welcoming for potential tourists.
  2. Leaving aside the fact that the alcohol restrictions are utterly illogical. What sort of disjointed lunacy is it to expect any tourists at all whilst such petty restrictions are in place ?
  3. Sorry the phrase ' does not simply target ' was a bit much for you . I will spell it out for you ; simply = only ( in this context )
  4. The Thai regime has paid little attention to the plebs for the last year , I doubt they will enter consideration now.
  5. Im not sure the UK will even have taken Thailand out of the red zone by December.
  6. The new variants such as Delta do not simply target the very old and fragile , that is the flaw in your argument. There will be no complete ' opening up ' until 60-70 % of the population as a whole are fully vaccinated. That im afraid is still a number of months down the line , perhaps if we are lucky early next year.
  7. From a tourist perspective , fully opened up means no restrictions in place. So quarantine , covid insurance and the battery of tests need to go. Domestic travel unrestricted , bars , restaurants and tourist sites/ attractions all fully open. Personally I dont think there is the least chance of this happening until 60-70% of the Thai population is adequately vaccinated. Perhaps early next year but I wouldn't bank on it , im hoping to get over around May.
  8. Strange isn't it that certain people wax lyrical about Thai culture yet deny a major and ingrained part of it. I read an article some years ago that suggested around 80% of Thai males ( cant recall the precise age bracket ) visited some form of brothel at least once a month.
  9. Well it seems a large majority of health experts concur that the double vaccinated have far less chance of getting seriously ill or dying from Covid. You may disagree and feel the benefits of vaccination are outweighed by the short or long term risks. Entirely your choice but its unfair to criticise Biden , his comments are backed up by USA statistics. The majority of Americans being hospitalised and dying from Covid currently are unvaccinated.
  10. If , as many suspect , the targeted individuals are Chinese and Indian , the above points are not really a deterent , they are accustomed to the same at home.
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