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  1. Your information is severely out of date , Agodas prices have been inclusive for several years. I book a lot of Thai hotel rooms and Agoda tend to fare very well compared to Booking.com and Hotel.com.
  2. EVA are consistently cheaper than Thai and definitely a better option.
  3. Because killing 3 none too bright , naive women will make the world a better and safer place......right ?
  4. Sure but there are degrees , hence the corruption index , all nations do NOT have the same levels of corruption.
  5. Translation ; " My buddies in Buriram are making an absolute fortune so let's keep the good times rolling "
  6. Yet you conveniently forget one simple yet crucial fact; In UK a shambolic government can be voted out in a general election with no interference from the military or corrupt judiciary.
  7. The whole thing is a charade , not worth getting worked up by it. The only political points of interest are what happens when the Senators stand down , what will the next measure be to thwart democracy and when will the younger generation explode with frustration ?
  8. Were it not for the shares they would have found another excuse to thwart the democratic process.
  9. That's highly optimistic , many months if not years I think.
  10. The powers to be have made it abundantly clear that they have no regard for the democratic process , this will not change in a year or a decade. What point is a convincing electoral victory if the courts simply disqualify the victorious MP's and the parties they represent ? There is now only one way to get a reformist government , it wont be pretty !
  11. You will find yourself very solidly on the wrong side of history.
  12. I believe it was Lenin who coined the phrase " useful idiots " , seems to fit you quite nicely .
  13. If as seems likely , an existing condition was not disclosed , then NO insurance would pay out.
  14. I would rather you describe him as a Toad , thanks !
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