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  1. The rides4kicks YouTube channel has been on it and made a couple of videos about it.
  2. Non existent theoretical drop shipping, making videos about digital nomads, teaching English online for $2 an hour, posting rubbish on social media, pyramid selling, collecting for charities, pretending you are a consultant (doing no sales, commission based sales), anything to do with Bitcoin, is not a job/career/business. You're unemployed with a laptop. Nobody is coding NASAs next space shuttle launch from Ko Pha Ngan
  3. Yes, I have met many who "call" themselves digital nomads. Reality is they just post rubbish on social media, or make youtube videos, about being a digital nomad. Or "how to be a drop-shipping millionaire"
  4. This is just a woman with a business selling the myth of being a digital nomad. Show me a real example of someone that is an actual digital nomad, not just someone who's only business is talking about being a digital nomad. 99% of these so called digital nomads are just calling themselves digital nomads and their business is perpetuating the myth.
  5. The system is obviously overloaded as everyone is having problems, but forbidden error may mean outside of Thailand or a VPN etc
  6. The Land office has all the information and controls owner, mortgage etc. The land office wont transfer the property unless the owner shows they are the owner, the land office wont transfer the property unless any mortgage is cleared, foreign quota is met etc. If there is a mortgage, its written on the back of the chanote (title deed) and the sale wont happen unless the bank is also at the land office to clear any mortgage. Simply put, you dont exchange the money until your name is on the title deed, and the land office wont put your name on the tile deed unless everything is in orde
  7. They are selling CBD products and hemp leaves, nothing to do with THC marijuana that gets you high. A different species of cannabis plants.
  8. Its not THC oil (THC is illegal), its CBD oil from a hospital. There is dope that gets you stoned (THC) and dope that has medicinal properties (CBD), they are two different things.
  9. OP, last time I checked, I think you will find its a 2 year stretch, before, during or after getting the pension, to make it portable. The 2 years in the naughty corner doesn't start the day you get the pension, it can be a year prior and a year after etc. I have a friend who just did exactly that, returned to oz at age 65, waited, got the pension when he qualified at 67, then straight back to Thailand with full portable pension (less elec supplements etc).
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