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  1. they only have to collect premium months in advance if you want to pay in installments, if you pay up front the whole amount you can pay 1 day before the insurance lapse. My wife crashed into a motorcycle last year (her fault, but the bloody bike had no lights on) their rep came and help sort things out at the cop shop satisfactory, including hospital visit to the injured rider plus many negotiation. but these rep that come to surveys are subcontractor whose service is available to more than one brand of insurance. at least Roojai or Krungthai, the actual insurer subcontract to a p
  2. it may not have been another loan secured against the car, she could have had debt from other loans like cash advance cards or credit cards, if that had went through the court and they got a judgement, then they could seize anything in her name, including cars and bikes
  3. If you can't read Thai I can see this happening, when a mortgage is recorded on the deed, the buyer name is on it, also the lender of the mortgage is on it in the next column, typically in an actual legit business, the bank/lender would hold on to the chanote, but in this case by the time anyone notice anything the developer would have been long gone with the money, who cares if the buyer is left holding the chanote. so seeing your name in Thai recorded in the back is no guarantee, even fake deed is known to happen too
  4. The well known MuX rear air conditioner condensing within the liners causing damp lining seem to be a problem still, factory issued fix at the dealer is to block the air intake that cause humid air to enter. strange that previous generations Mu x never had this problem
  5. In my condo in central Bangkok (Asoke/Sukhumvit) I got a 5g router from AIS because the condo internet is only ADSL speed 50/20 due to aging copper cable, I got speed of around 250-300 mbps, downloading big thing like big game is pretty quick. Streaming - not much difference over slower connections, and the monthly cost of around 1000+ a month for unlimited data plus around 8000 baht for the router (new ones are going for around 3000 baht now) is not worth it unless you really need the speed and can't have it any other way (fiber to the room/home is cheaper and faster if you can get it)
  6. I've seen the guideway beam coming out from the Yellow line's Si Iam depot looking very low at around 5 meters from the road, the road's the cloverleaf connecting Srinakkarin rd with Bangna hwy, we've seen dump truck and crane drivers that forgot to lower their bed when driving off smashing into overpasses before..
  7. hospital rights and estate should one partner die is the real sticking point here, imagine your partner got into an accident and you can't decide his/her fate to authorize medical procedure at the hospital because you can't get 'married' only their maybe estranged actual relative who was never in your life can. same with estate in case of death, all you've built up together gone to his/her parent and sibling only because you aren't married
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