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  1. Hmm, So does this include the ticktock bar girls and all the online ladies?? If they have to provide a graphic description of their "goods and services" wouldn't they run afoul of the various obsenity laws?? This is just trying to drum up business for lawyers. Uno mas cerveza bene lades por favor
  2. A good post but my ADD demands a little exactitude. Bill Gates investment company increased its' share in the Four Seasons group from 47.5% to 71.25% by purchasing half of his partners shares for the sum of 2.21 billion. His partner is the Saudi's Investment company, Kingdom Holding Company. The whole Four Seasons group is valued at a touch over 10 billion. The minority shareholders maintained their stakes.
  3. After more than a thousand days of political detention the PRC released the two Canadian citizens and they along with the Canadian Ambassador immediately got on a plane to Canada. Chinese citizen Meng left Vancouver at the same time. Years of effort on the part of our diplomats and government have been rewarded. I would also like to thank the international community for standing besides us. I'd like to thank our Southern "cousins" for their diplomatic pressures on our behalf. When the US federal government achieved a DPA with Mengs lawyers they immediately withdrew their request for M
  4. The Chinese government may bail them out ... but I don't think so. They owe 300 Billion dollars. That's enough to even choke the PRC. They are the most in debt company in the world. I think they will be savagely salvaged and broken up into several smaller profit centers. I think the next year will not go well for some Chinese multi millionaires that are heavily invested. Might have to sell the Bangkok condo's. They aren't the Lehman brothers either. When Lehman's went down they had established a major presence in almost every market in the world. When they went down they to
  5. We ended up spending over $600,000,000.00 dollars to get rid of the bums or achieve some clarity to our political future (depends on your point of view). We got the identical government to that which was dissolved. For that much money I want some positive change .... Someone hung or thrown in jail. You know, an old timey type of election. I can't help but think of a quote from the old POGO cartoon "We have met the enemy and he is us" Why am I out of beer???
  6. Not an issue. That is your E: drive. Your laptop most likely only has a C drive. Your E: drive is probably a USB stick that you plugged in to transfer pictures or files. Plug in the same object and look up the file in file explorer. Luck mate
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