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  1. For me just the process to buy second hand pushes me to only buy new. I do not like to look for problems. 2MB you can get a brand new BM or Merc, so I would not take the risk. Better buy smaller but new. By the way I just found on ebay the $50 devices that are used to lower mileage with 3 clicks Sorry, not what you were asking, but related wish you good luck
  2. what is unbearable is the wait and queue, so annoying to even have to plan with an appointment. only forced to use them when car is still under warranty, then happy to escape if possible, each bill his half of what it is at MB now all good garages have MB computer and software, cf Bangna thomson
  3. Just as as I said, it's CLEARLY NOT AGAINST LAW to drive somebody else car, just as anywhere in the world, if you drive it, you must be insured, but there is of course NOWHERE IN THE WORLD (except maybe North Korea?) where you can drive someone else car if you are not insured. So ridiculous to even think that it's possible. And no, multi drivers insurances is not so expensive except if you are really poor, but then you should not own a car.
  4. so ivermecin really works it seems !
  5. so if what you say is true, the rest of the world where anybody can drive any car is wrong ? don't you feel ridiculous ?!
  6. Please send link ? I traveled and used people cars all over the world, but never heard about such law which for sure doesn't exist in UK. Knowing how people understand nothing on this forum I wouldn't be surprised that you are wrong. It seems so ridiculous.
  7. it's so funny how people are convinced that experimental vaccines moderna and pfizer are better... i know nothing just as you, but that the dead virus vaccine are an old "process" that clearly works since hundred years, but any mARM vaccine is new and nobody know the future... But maybe you have enough with your wife or GF ?!
  8. hi, I cannot find any information but until now it seems that no country has forced vaccination for expats to renew visa ? do you think that it will happen here ? it would be sad to inject what I do not need because I have no social life with anyone and anyway plan to wear a mask forever.
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