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  1. I wish i had the pics from the fireworks show where you had seemingly thousands closely congregating with out masks which was all perfectly acceptable or intentionally overlooked. Jan 16, should be just enough stall time to see what happens with the new Omicron variant so.....they can continue to keep things closed even though they are boasting about the job they have done in controlling the virus! They are also boasting about their vax rate but yet even with it reaching the set herd immunity levels they continue to keep these venues closed, the same herd immunity rate they said they needd to
  2. Essentially what they are doing is turning AQ hotels into ATK testing sites. They are regressing to less accurate testing and patting themselves on the back for their safety efforts, amusing Thailand!
  3. So in essence what clowns like Anutin are telling is is this, Since April they haven't moved forward one inch to solving the issue and being able to restore a vital part of Thailand's GDP as well as possibly damaging their international tourism sector indefinitely
  4. This guy is such a tool!! I would go on as to why but i've already done so in far too many posts already.
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