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  1. Charming. Well there's no shortage of former sex workers who have married and gone to live in the West. There's no questions about previous employment when applying for the visa. Some governments try to make life better for the people, while still having programs to attract investors. Speaking to Thais, they generally have a positive opinion of expats raising other people's children.
  2. Maybe a good investment, not sure about the best. There's also working age people here who have families and have set up businesses, as these are usually business targeted to other expats, tourists or export. They are a much greater stimulus to the economy and often bring in new ideas. Thai people need to be considered more in this, it's fairly transparent that it's about lump sums, rather than developing the country. Other countries target people who invest in businesses, as this is on going and not a one off payment.
  3. Actually it says served time in 2013. Was that the only year? At the end of the vid a family member is justifying the attack by saying Thai law is weak. I wonder if this was a reference to the short sentence?
  4. The tough and the lucky. I've survived financially, but I've had several staff get infected and there's been lots of associated costs. Psychologically it's been tough, but others are much worse. I only know of one expat forced home, but am sure there's many.
  5. Yes, they aren't that difficult, but on top of the non O it adds another layer. Many other countries just issue a work visa. The whole process takes time away from being productive, it's not good for the economy.
  6. And hardest of all is the non B and accompanying WP. This doesn't help investment or efficiency.
  7. I agree with almost everything you've written, but not all retirees supported the backpackers crack down. It was a bad policy, wealthy countries want backpackers. They spend a lot because they stay so long. Rich people didn't get that way by giving up their money.
  8. Are you suggesting sex workers should have lesser status with the govt then regular Thais? What matters is if the relationship is genuine, plenty of farang marry ex sex workers and taken them to the West. Their previous employment is irrelevant.
  9. It's still illegal, many government schools here hire teachers illegally as it's easier than getting a WP. The system that allows some to get away with things while others can't is something Thais often complain about. Plenty I know have been kicked out, denied entry or had a visa refused. When looking at the issue, we shouldn't just think what suits us or even what suits other expats, ultimately it should be what helps the Thai people the most and I think the current system is not making their lives easier, especially those on the lower runs. That's just my opinion
  10. So 20 years ago you worked illegally. If you were caught, fined and deported then I would have sympathy because the WP rules are unfair. This is the something else I wanted, it's called compassion.
  11. I would be interested in seeing that thesis. A previous government decided women married to expats were a valuable part of Isaan society and gave them recognition for such. A real nastiness has crept into expat life here, when someone is negatively affected some other expats rush to say, not my problem, I couldn't care less, tough luck. It's almost as bad as posters here who need to tell the world their wife never worked in a bar.
  12. Thanks for letting us know how it affects you, not all of us are the same, many work here. The unwillingness of the govt to give security to Thais with expat family is a big issue for them, often these expats are breadwinners. Attracting rich foreigners will do little to help Thais on the lower echelons and these are the ones hurting most at the moment. When you worked unofficially for a large NGO did you have a work permit? They are required even for volunteers. Making employing farang easier, especially teachers, would help the country. They are not taking Thai jobs.
  13. A friend married a bar girl, took her to Australia. It was about ten years ago. She now has a Australian passport, her Thai son stayed a few years and got permanent residency or possibly citizenship. Meanwhile people who have been here decades, have wife and kids, have set up businesses still have to report 90 days and go through annual extension requiring photos in pyjamas on the bed. It's got worse over the years, in the future they may want vids. It's not just farang, what about Thai families who can never have a sense of security about family members who
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