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  1. Their faces weren't blurred out this morning on TMN news, hopefully someone will recognise them & let plod know.
  2. Love it, a newbie with attitude, you'll go far, the farther the better, I can't really say what I want unfortunately.
  3. I have electrolyte drinks a few times a month as a matter of course, I also have Marmite & Bovril ( I love both ), Peanut butter etc etc, my main point was that I don't add salt to the food I make or what's on my plate, I have looked in horror when out with some friends for dinner at the amount of salt they add to their food.
  4. Yeah it is, but it goes all the way from the Suchamvit road to the golf course, named after the guy that paid for it to be upgraded to tarmac from red dirt, believe he also owned the golf course if my information is correct, of course it may not be correct, just telling you what I was told.
  5. I'd be lucky to use a teaspoonful in a month, I don't particularly like salt.
  6. Although I get SMS message with any movements on my Kasikorn account I thought it would be prudent to check online to make sure, all good thank f***. Will you have to get a new debit card or credit card ? Spookily I also received a message from Kasikorn today that all services will be unavailable late on Sunday 24 Oct for security updates Better late than never.
  7. Tracksuit bottoms & fleece courtesy of the old job on standby, along with socks, gloves & woolly hat
  8. Probably thought he would knock the other guys teeth so far down his throat he would have to use the toothbrush up his jacksy to clean his teeth.
  9. Since I've lived here I have: Stopped smoking, stopped taking sugar, use only skimmed milk & only use sea salt and that very sparingly, never use salt when cooking pasta or potatoes or put it on my food,
  10. Just my two pennies worth, how well do you get on with the wife's family ? Maybe get a sister or mum & dad or someone similar to live at the place, you can spend a while living away somewhere else & once the karaoke muppet realises that your wife and family will be living at the place he will realise his mistake and shut his coffee shack down and move on. If he thought a rich farang paid for everything then let it be known that your wife earnt & saved the money from a well paid job in Germany. Any chance you could post a photo of his place so people can asse
  11. And there we have it, a drugged up no good loser wearing Saffron robes gets wound up with one of his seniors so attacks him. My mrs is a devout Buddhist, admittedly she hasn't been able to visit and pay merit for a while, but does do it at home with a small shrine we have in one of the spare rooms, she's never too happy when I see a story on the TV and start slaging them off.
  12. Well for a start you have a faux PM who talks to frogs, wears I don't know how many amulets under his shirt ( probably ) as some sort of bullet proof vest and also consults fortune tellers, when on when will this country get rid of the dinosaurs and get a proper PM with intelligence ? Who has an idea about business & running a country.
  13. Okay, I'll feed the troll, what experience or qualifications do you have to back up your ludicrous statements ??
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