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  1. Are they just one size fits all drains ? thanks, I'm gonna look them up this week, we have a couple of plumbers merchants fairly close by.
  2. Hmmm, unfortunately it's the nature of the beast, Thais are greedy for the tourist dollar and as long as they are getting plenty of it they won't give 2 hoots. A slightly different vein but look at the cab drivers, how long did it take for them to return to their gouging visitors ? I don't live there so can only go by what I read on here but wasn't the faux PM involved in telling them to stop it ? The same will no doubt happen here in Pattaya, as soon as any appreciable volume of tourists return then so will the scams, prices will rise and more damaged jet skis be be o
  3. Not health & safety at all, I was riding 350cc Triumphs 50 odd years back as a Despatch rider in the British army, I wouldn't get on a bike here even if my life depended on it, the OP has stated that he has never ridden before but he wants to buy one & ride it here, really !! The guy must be mad, no doubt you would say yeah go for it, no problems.
  4. Has the OP read this thread yet ? You might change your mind about riding a motorcycle when you have. Thai roads are deathtraps to motorcyclists, says campaigner: Spend 15 billion a year to save 7,500 lives Rate this topic
  5. I,ve been down the side of the house, there is a vent pipe fitted, it nearly reaches the roof.
  6. Have you seen the picture attached to my OP ? A bit blurry unfortunately but you can enlarge it, attached is a picture of the baby ones that keep appearing, over a dozen some days, we have Chaindrite powder around the edges of everything, toilet, where the floor meets the walls, base of the sink unit, most of them are dead when we find them but some bigger ones seem to survive that so a liberal spray of Chaindrite sorts them out.
  7. We've been in this place for a little over 18 months, before we moved in the landlady had all the aircons serviced and the septic tank emptied, so I wouldn't think it needs cleaning yet, we were in the previous place for 5 years + and that didn't need emptying when we left. I thank you all for all the tips & helpful replies, I will be approaching the landlady early part of next week, the two bathrooms, our ensuite & the guest bathroom share the same plumbing I believe and the other one has no odour problems & only minor Centipede incursion, so there is definitel
  8. That's only because more containers became available as the army / police aren't using them as barriers against protesters
  9. I just googled p trap but only really found what we in the UK would call a u bend, would you happen to have a picture of what you posted about, sorry to be a pain but fitting a u bend would require digging the shower floor up and you said it just goes under the drain cover. Thanks.
  10. fHe was rushed to a local hospital with several injuries for a full medical evaluation. I feel sorry for any hospital that has several injuries.
  11. I'll need to speak to the landlady, I don't mind paying for her maintenance guys to come and look at the problem, it's a real pain as I'm in the loo a few times a night, I rarely put the light on, wouldn't want to get bitten at 2 or 4 a.m.
  12. We have a plastic food bag half full of water over the drain in the shower, that only comes off when either of us are using the shower & goes straight back on when we have finished, that is mainly to stop the Centipedes but I would have thought will also keep the smell down, my suspicion is still a lack of a seal between the toilet and foul pipe below it.
  13. But all the babies we've found have been behind the toilet including an adult a few weeks back. Thanks for the help so far.
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