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  1. Well if you are off back to scouseland I can see why this was such a painful decision for you.
  2. What's your team Chip Butty? Remember we got the scousers at the weekend...
  3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cole_Palmer Breaking news ... Manchester-born youth player spotted playing for City 1st team.
  4. 60-59 .... a glorious last minute win for me vs Atletico Pathetico in the Ban Chang Cup!!!
  5. I think he has / had a plan, but how much is it being compromised by others? Did Ronaldo really fit into the plans he had for this season? Or was the transfer essentially a combination of old boys wanting him back (Fergie, Rio etc) and the marketing benefits on offer? The problem with being a puppet manager is that you struggle to implement your plan because you are dealing with so many outside influences.
  6. It's not the fact they have bad things to say about United. Anyone can see we have issues. It's the fact they don't comment on anything else football related or have their own team. That to me spells one thing..... sad, sad people that thrive off the shortcomings of others.
  7. You seem to be one of these characters that just appears to have a pop at United. Support a team of your own? Or this is just a side hobby along with annoying the wife.
  8. Bissaka a liability. What are you talking about. You sound like the guy who watches one game and then gives a season review. The biggest problem is the midfield. And when the defence has an off day like yesterday we aren't going to win many games. Doubt we will get top four.
  9. You were 4/1 for the title last time I looked. Seems generous
  10. What's the current quarantine for vaccinated (AZ) Brits returning to the UK from Thailand?
  11. I'm in the mood to play Pep roulette today..... Given that Foden has just signed a new deal and is pretty much the form guy, you would expect him to play a lot of minutes in the next few Premier League games... wouldn't you.... @mrbojangles
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