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  1. I'm no fan of Thaksin's but the bloating problems at THAI predate Thaksin and the period 2002-04.
  2. I wonder how all the personal data that's collected over the years is protected. Does Thailand's new Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) apply?
  3. Beyond saving a screenshot of your details on your country's health website and carrying the QR code for someone to check, can you request an international vaccination record or "vaccine passport" from your country? Thailand's Ministry of Health is issuing this type of document for international travelers, so it would seem that one issued overseas would also be acceptable here. http:\\vpassport.ddc.moph.go.th
  4. For the retirement visa, the $40k per year is supposed to be "pension" income. It's definitely not salary income. But since defined benefit pensions are increasingly rare - will other types of passive income be acceptable? Say dividends, interest, capital gains, or even rents received from passive real estate investments? How will this be monitored, I wonder?
  5. The requirements of $500k investment/$80k income per year is for the "wealthy global citizen" category, which seems to allow the person to work and differs from the $250k investment/$40k per year category which is retirement only. (If I understand it correctly).
  6. Not true. COVID replicates quicker in unvaccinated people, increasing the chance of mutations. That's how we got delta.
  7. Wouldn't put a date or a year on it. But one day central banks will start to fight inflation, and then the crash will come
  8. Yes, could be. Or both may be just aimed at upping the wealth level of those who do come - regardless of from where.
  9. Hopefully you're correct. However, some have been watching the current gyrations going on with Malaysia's "My Second Home" (MM2H) program. Reportedly after Malaysia hired KPMG as advisor, the gov't announced a plan to change the MM2H program by increasing the requirements. substantially. Not surprisingly, there was a huge expat outcry by those who'd purchased homes and made a life in Malaysia, and the changes have been at least temporarily put on ice. But it's been suggested that Thailand may be trying to do something similar with its McKinsey & Co advised "wealthy expat" pro
  10. Here's hoping outsourcing will become the standard for small businesses, as it is pretty much everywhere. To be successful, most start ups/small businesses rely on outsourcing certain types of work, rather than hiring employees. If you think about it, what's the best way for a small firm to handle, say, accounting/tax filing - should they: 1) try to hire an accountant (whom the small firm must keep trained, pay a salary far more than work needed, have some sort of expensive incentive scheme to keep them interested, supply office space, a desk, computer, etc, and then risk losing
  11. The business would be taxed by its legal jurisdiction. The digital nomad may not own the business - very often they're just working online as a private contractor for a third party. The digital nomad could have a bank account in one country and physically be in another. They may also use some other payment system - say Paypal, or perhaps a cryptocurrency account. The digital nomad owes income tax where they're considered to be tax resident (usually where they actually live) - not where the business is or where their bank or financial institution is. Some tax jurisdictions may wa
  12. Reportedly McKinsey & Co was one of the advisors to the Thai government on this program. If so, I do hope they were paid up front, and not on a % take up basis.
  13. The address on a bank account does not confer tax residency. Primarily where you actually live is what matters. Say you have an account at the US bank JP Morgan Chase, and you have a Florida address on it. This does not necessarily make you a tax resident of Florida. Say instead that it has a Thai address on it. This also does not make you a tax resident of Thailand. Living in Thailand would make you a tax resident - and stamps in a passport would be evidence of this. There is also the issue of domicile. Some US states require a declaration of "domicile"
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