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  1. With respect to the Phuket "sandbox", I'm surprised at the posts mentioning various costs for the three PCR tests (first one is at the airport in Phuket upon arrival and the next two are during your 14-day stay). I obtained the Certificate of Entry in the US and, in the process of doing that, I was required to pay 8,000 baht for the three tests (in fact, you can't get your final COE without uploading proof that you've paid for those tests). How I paid for them was via an url on the US Thai embassy website (I was unaware of any other choice) and payment was made to an outfit . Perhaps the co
  2. Yes I read it but am wondering if you read my response. Either they encountered an unusual situation or somebody is attempting to rip them off....or they misunderstood what they were told).
  3. Sorry for the delay, was busy and computer was down for a while. No, I didn't. Flew from Phuket to Bkk and Bkk to back home here in CM. Upon presentation of my "parole" paperwork (paperwork provided to show that you've completed the 14-day stay in Phuket and had the three negative tests), I was waived through without any issue or further requirements.
  4. I had the two doses of Pfizer 6+ months ago in the US. Zero reaction to the first shot, not even a mild soreness at the injection site. The second shot seemed to cause me to wake up early and I felt a bit off for 2/3rds of the next day (how much was due to the vaccine or lack of sleep, really don't know). Talking with a lot of friends who also had the Pfizer shots, it seemed that nobody had much of a reaction (other than some soreness around the injection site for a day or two) to the first jab and it seemed like maybe 20-30% had the same reaction (lethargy?) to the second shot that I h
  5. Adding...the dates and times for tests #2 and #3 are paid for and scheduled before you get your final COE (as you can't get that without uploading proof you already have taken care of that).
  6. Given you haven't gone thru the COE process or entered the Phuket program, probably best to let those who have done so provide info. Yes, 3 PCR tests are required during the 14-day (not 7) time period. One at the airport on arrival, one on the 5th/6th day, and the third and last on the 11th/12th day.
  7. Rather fruitless for people posting here their "understandings." Just read the requirements for a Certificate of Entry on your embassy's website and your "understandings" will be clarified. With respect to the OP's post, he is either being ripped off or he just misunderstood. To get your final Certificate of Entry, you have to show proof you have already paid for 3 PCR tests here....one upon arrival at the airport (you have to stay in your hotel room until those results are known...mine took 4 hours) and two more within the 14-day time period. That's it as far as I know.
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