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  1. This guy wasn't a mule, he's an angel from heaven. His shipment could have brought some relief to so many people idled and worried by the poor foresight of the Khaki Klowns.
  2. Are tax preparation services, that allow the 'victim' to pay minimum taxes, a scam? Are immigration 'agents' a scam? Facilitating interaction with government services for optimum outcomes is a business. The Thai government is simply very jealous of their authority and control.
  3. I understand one way but also live here and simply disagree with you. You popped off a wrote a silly thing. Get over it. Fini
  4. Writing was there a month ago. Now it's a laser light show.
  5. Wait a minute. The road goes both ways. Choose the side that is flowing against your chosen walking direction. Did I really need to say that? Are all the roads in your home country one way only?
  6. In simple terms they are considering breaking the contract they signed with AZ. In the business community such rogue players are quickly shunned by their peers and find themselves isolated and withering. Guess what. International communities like ASEAN function the same way.
  7. I can't understand the point of endlessly recycling such 'news', especially when the daily reality belies it so glaringly. It's like the almost daily reports of 5m doses of Moderna being ordered, as if we are supposed to believe that at this point there are over 50m doses on the way to the Kingdom all procured by the ceaseless efforts of the Klowns in Kakhi. Or the biweekly breathless announcements of hospital/national registration sites opening to expats over 60. Are we being force-fed a crash course in cynicism? A belated attempt to quell the wildly swell
  8. How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? How many pinheads can dance on the profits of a pandemic?
  9. I doubt that's original with you, but if it is, congratulations. You gave me a good laugh on an otherwise dreadful day,
  10. Excellent guidance. In addition: Strenuously reject any information not conforming to your reality filters. Don't go near any Wats with crematoria. Above all, do not associate or talk with any person howsoever involved in any Frontline Healthcare capacity. No point in needlessly soiling your mental nappies. Only people with wills of iron and titanium blinkers can long ignore the reality around them. Maybe someday you will receive the recognition that you deserve for your laser focus of perception. .
  11. As I said, for testing purposes. One wouldn't take a bacterial sample for testing using a dirty handkerchief.
  12. Good for them. I stopped listening to or being concerned about these issues weeks ago. Boring. The inept/avaricious gov screwed up, there is no recovery for several months, people will sicken, die, and starve. The authorities will continue to make bad decisions at every opportunity. It is what it is.
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