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  1. I feel the same but hedge my bets and still pay for medigap policy too. One thing that has impressed me the last two years is that it's getting more and more difficult to predict the future. I figure if I ever return to America it will be because of a severe medical problem that is curable. In that case the premiums I'm forfeiting now will be a fractional cost of the claims I'll make. If it's not curable I'll just stay here and go up in smoke. If I never make a claim then I'll just consider the medical insurance was a lucky charm that kept me healthy because fate i
  2. I recently opened a new account at SCB. One of the myriad papers they gave me to sign was one that allowed them to gather and sell my personal info. Since I read everything before I sign it I caught this and ask if it was optional. They replied that it was so I declined. This is just plain wrong. Every business entity on the planet attempts to sell us something while simultaneously legally stealing information that they profit from. Marketing excess has become a major problem in our world and a scourge to modern life.
  3. Well that's sure stating the obvious. Their jurisdiction extends only as far as their pockets and how much they can stuff into them.
  4. I don't refute your statement. However, the "info she received" was an SMS message directly from the registration site refusing her after she successfully registered minutes earlier. We won't be driving 3 hours into Bangkok to argue with them. As I said : chaos.
  5. I won't dispute your claim but offer the following factual information for what it's worth. I paused reading this thread and my Thai Lady immediately tried to register using our Pranburi Prachuap Kirikhan address and her Thai ID using the Trueid link. Registration and confirmation were confirmed she was then ask to select a date/time, which she did, the earliest being Dec 1 at Bangsue. Message said she would be notified. Minutes later she got an SMSsaying since her first (and only) dose was sinovac she was not elegible for mRNA as second dose. The initi
  6. Then the answer is simple: Official policy in the Kingdom is often ambiguous, always changeable on short notice, commonly misinterpreted or misapplied by 'officials', and many times simply ignored. As cynical as it sounds, if you're looking for assurances of a smooth transit then you're looking for another destination. In Thailand nothing is assured; it's one of the things that makes life here interesting and maddening at the same time, and I'm not even talking about the women!
  7. I've been here long enough to know that as foreigners we are at the mercy and judgment of the local authorities. I have no faith in their rationality in any given situation. Our right to stay here legally is totally in their hands so anything that brings my presence to their attention is best avoided. We have a philosophical difference of opinion. If a law is reasonable and not burdensome or harmful I obey it for one simple reason. I have a substantial investment in my life here and must have a good reason to jeopardize that. You prefer to assume laws don't have to appl
  8. So in essence your advice is to break Thai law? Everything/anything is legal until you're caught. Nationals are not deported for infractions but aliens can be. That changes the game IMO.
  9. It means that we and everything on earth is literally stardust. When stars explode they cast out dust that eventually coalesces into planets among other things. I read an interesting book years ago on the birth and death of stars.
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