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  1. We got a Fortuner for the dog, it's great. We put the dog bed on the 3rd row of seats then fold the 2nd row forward and it creates a nice space for the dog. We can put her in through any rear door in the car and she'll go straight to her spot.
  2. The shape of the airflow around the car doesn't allow mosquitos to enter the cabin at speeds of 40km/h or more. At lower speeds the roof can be closed in under 20 seconds.
  3. Whatever you do, don't wirelessly overload their speakers because that would be illegal, even though it would look like normal equipment failure that they'd never trace to you. Just so you recognise what it is so you can avoid doing it, here's a guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/k62sc/i_feel_bad_for_this_guy/c2hyp6r/
  4. How can something be obfuscatory and quite clear at the same time? Nothing about his comment is anti-vax, he's just claiming that we don't know how many more doses will be needed for long-term immunity which is true.
  5. You made the claim that he's an anti-vaxxer. You have the burden of proof. You've provided no evidence to support your claims and yet you continue your attack against him by demanding he prove you wrong. He has no obligation to. You made a baseless comment against him, if you have any sense of decency you would withdraw it instead of continuing this pointless argument.
  6. I purchased 5 LG air conditioning units from Numchai and since new, one of them just blows out hot air. Numchai has only been able to fix it temporarily (they can fix it so it blows cold air but after a few days the problem will return), they're not interested in providing a permanent fix and are now threatening to charge me a fee if I want it fixed again. Is there another company in Pattaya that can fix this? Preferably a large company, not a Somchai.
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