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  1. Love seeker is closest. I mean really, who doesn't like a little loving? Love for sale, rent, or lease is what Thai life is all about for the single man
  2. Pretty simple IMO. Once everyone who wants a vaccine has had 2 shots, you have to open. Entertainment and bars should be open to all vaccinated people. There is absolutely nothing wrong/unsafe with that. IMO groceries, markets, malls, and even 7-11 should require vaccinations to enter. If unvaccinated, you must order what you want on Grab or Line apps
  3. You need to read other forums man, plenty of single vacationers coming here and enjoying beer and carnal activities. Girls and guys can actually drink in their condos and hotels when bars are closed believe it or not. November 1 will begin a boom in Pattaya for sure. Peace
  4. Likely everyone will get Covid eventually, but it will be just like getting a mild flu if you are vaccinated, so what is the point in even counting "cases" anymore? Publishing deaths from those who are unvaccinated would be beneficial to some who are still on the fence likely. Once everyone who wants the vaccine gets it, nothing you can do but move on, open up etc...
  5. Yes the millions of baht the Pattaya city mayor received for Bali Hai and Beach road improvement has not been put to use for a year or so.... Hopefully once Bali Hai improvements are started and completed all ferry and motorboats will be docked there and not out by the beach with the gasoline everywhere and the boat owners smoking cigarettes while fueling their boats where the beach meets the sea
  6. Just go into Chonburi/Jomtien immigration tomorrow and fill out the TM30 and submit is how I did it. Say you just moved here yesterday as it is required within 24 hours AFAIK
  7. Buy an EV, step into the future. No air pollution and silent, they wont hear you driving by. Chinese EV's in Thailand start at 370,000 baht https://th.carro.co/blog/10-cheapest-ev-cars-in-thailand/
  8. ??? Why would anyone open a cafe where there is nothing but rice fields as far as the eye can see??? TIT Noise cancelling headphones? Some type of noise disruption/electrical disruption device if there is such a thing
  9. I use Booking.com as the price Agoda gives is without tax and when that is added at check out the true price was always same or more than Booking.com ... this is 4-5 years ago
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