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  1. Nah, you credit them with being far too clever. Up to now, it would be a fair guess that a good proportion of the 'tourists' who've endured the different forms of quarantine were not actually tourists, they were people with connections to Thailand and once they finished their sentence they headed home to their existing Thai abode. The real tourists have not been attracted by the various schemes so far - as evidenced by the very low numbers partaking of the Phuket Sandbox failure. They seem to have worked that one out - not difficult to count arrivals really. When I say you credit
  2. So they don't want the tourists back then? That sort of sentiment is very much outdated in a global world. Thailand has tried to be for Thai's and failed would be a better motto. Just look around at neighbouring countries - Thailand may well be further down the development route than some but in my opinion, its stalled and others are fast catching up. One is way ahead - Singapore. 'Thailand is for Thai's' - taught in schools and practised by the government will ultimately be the country's downfall - you can't have your cake and eat it. Where's the cash goin
  3. True - however, we don't know the details yet - its entirely possible that the rules may say that travellers must be citizens of that country and traveliing from it. If they don't then the situation created by the free movement the EU enjoys will no doubt lead to abuse of the zero quarantine concession proposed. In turn that could have consequences.
  4. Totally agree. The more you test, the more you find. I think most scientists and physicians would agree that there's an even higher number of infected people walking around with the virus than the positive test numbers show - the difference in terms of passing that infection on is that a very high proportion of the UK's population is fully vaccinated. That doesn't stop them being infectious totally but it reduces the likelihood significantly. It also greatly reduces the chances of hospitalisation or death if you do catch the virus. This is borne out by the current figures - with a
  5. I'm pretty sure your passport will show exactly where you've been when its scanned in Thailand.
  6. Amen to that. It may evolve, it may go online but it will always be there. All this BS about cleaning things up, Neo Pattaya etc. is just BS. Its not for us, its a pathetic attempt to fool the Thai public - the majority of whom, don't believe it either. Most, if not all, of the news items we read on here are translations from Thai news sources - they were never intended for us. That's not to say the Thai public don't also laugh at them, they do but its just the way things are done in Thailand - talk rubbish, do nothing. Its only us Westerners that think its for real. Remember
  7. Is that where it is? A friend who's fluent in Thai took me somewhere years ago - no idea where it was as I'd 'had a few and never been able to find it since'. Apparently a lot of the go go's don't let westerners in. Obviously a few do or we wouldn't have got in but you really do need to speak Thai there - there's no "hello, welcome, sit down please. where you come from". The girls were much better looking but that could have been the Chang.
  8. The Chang available in the UK is reduced strength so it fits with a lower duty bracket - its not the same.
  9. 200kg? No idea about Thai prices but in the UK that's approaching £1 million - wholesale! Quite a long sentence in the UK for that amount but in Thailand what will they get - 50 years?
  10. Its been a long time (thanks Covid) but I hope to be enjoying a Chang or 10 in December. Poster above - I thought it was only me that got 'Changovers'. Heineken no - Chang........................jeez they're bad.
  11. This guy needs rehab - he's definitely on something. I actually find his statement encouraging (slightly). He's been making announcments since Covid began and Prayuth's been slamming them down the next day.
  12. Totally agree with you but its not just the current situation. I don't know if its ignorance or arrogance but they have always had restrictions at certain times of year. I remember, quite a few years back now, it may have been the King's 60th anniversary (coronation), an election or something - don't remember. I arrived for my usual 2 week stay which this time was a little more - 16 nights I think. The bars are often shut for 2 weekends in December but this time I'm pretty sure they were shut for 3 weekends. My stay spanned all 3! Yes its their country and yes, as vis
  13. Boy they love bureaucracy. In normal times there is a clear list of requirements for entry - these are given to the airlines and if they fail to check the passenger is eligible, they can be fined. At the moment you have to apply for COE - involving checking your documents. The airline check your documents again at check in. Immigration check them again on entry. Check, check, double check, check again. No need for COE, no need for Thailand Pass - just make sure people know that if they don't fit the bill, they'll be sent home and let the airlines know they'll
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