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  1. As I said before - this is just repetition and for the final time I will also repeat - none of the above in any way establishes that the Prince sexually assaulted the girl. If the day has come where we say sexual assault took place simply because a girl says it has - we're all doomed. I would further note that with regard to the witnesses you refer to above - they relate to the London meeting. The age of consent is 16 in the UK, there is no way Roberts can claim statutory rape in London. On that basis, I presume the girl is using the other 2 times she claims he assaulted her which
  2. He says he's never met her - this has been discussed several times. To be fair, just about every aspect of this matter has been debated here, repeatedly. We all have different opinions but none of us is a court. I doubt the Prince's lawyers will let this get to court which means that Roberts (Guiffre) will get her second bite of the cherry without ever having proven any of her allegations - and I think she knows that. This is and always has been about milking a rich man out of as much money as possible. Personally I'd like to see the Prince prosecuted for rape in a Br
  3. I have no idea if the man is lying or not but given that he's a member of the Royal Family, do you think he's going to admit to sleeping with a hooker?
  4. Andrew's lawyers will simply claim that his recollection of events is different and that it is unreasonable to expect someone to be clear on events 20 years ago. It still doesn't prove rape - that's an entirely different matter. That would be fairly easy to establish in a UK court - but god knows what could happen in the US where court cases sometimes seem to be like soap operas.
  5. Seriously, does this girl look underage guys? Would you ask for her birth certificate? Would a Prince, extremely familiar with the antics of the media allow this photo to have been taken if he thought it could be used against him in the future? Seems very unlikely. Given that you are supposed to be 18 to enter a UK nightclub, it seems the door-staff thought she was old enough too.
  6. Yes - doing her job and extremely unlikely to say 'by the way, before I take my bra off I must tell you I'm only 17'!!!
  7. What, that he raped her? And then went on to rape her again? <deleted> - open your eyes! Jeez, if meeting someone in a night club, taking them somewhere and having sex with them is a crime, millions of guys ought to go hand themselves in now! If he raped her - a very serious crime, why is he not up on rape charges?
  8. Nobody here has any knowledge of whether Prince Andrew met Virginia Roberts (Giuffre). Neither do they have any evidence that the girl was 'trafficked' to him or that he had sexual contact with her. Yet there are people here claiming that he's guilty and judging him. This is a classic example of why these investigations/trials should stay private until proven. The media just love this and as any grown up with a modicum of intelligence should know - the media are not to be trusted. Should evidence surface that Roberts has been lying for example. the media will turn on he
  9. I would remind you that the Prince has denied knowledge of meeting Virginia Roberts. I can't remember every girl I've met either. Yes its possible that he's lying but in my opinion he doesn't need an alibi. Even if there is video footage of all 3 occasions where its claimed he met Roberts, it doesn't prove sexual assault.
  10. I don't doubt you but I can't find any links to that - perhaps you can? Trial by media? At the worst, Epstein provided the Prince with the company of a young lady, a young lady that appeared older and I believe lied about her age. Millions of men have received such services and slept with girls much younger than themselves - that includes me but I can't remember ever asking someone for their birth certificate. If a girl appears old enough I don't question them.
  11. A Kasikorn ATM card doubles as an ATM card - use it for whichever you want. Yes, I've used my card both online and abraod. It wasn't an easy process and my card was declined on several occasions. You have to visit the branch to have the various services activated - each service requires its own activation. You'd also be well advised to set your limits for each different activity. One thing to note, even after all that my card was refused the next time I tried to use it. I had entered my name - as is usual with all my other cards but of course at Kasikorn your name is
  12. I'd suggest that's the only stage the lawyers are interested in.
  13. Then you need to read the associated posts.
  14. The Prince has publicly stated on several occaisons that he will co-operate with any appropriate law enforcement agency. Can you evidence his refusal to talk to the FBI? That would go against what's been reported in the UK. On the one hand, you could say that Andrew is stupid for being difficult - for example in the matter of the service of documents. However, in his position, with the media baying for a scandal and as can be seen in this thread, being jugded guilty before any trial either civil or criminal has taken place, I'm not so sure I'd be keen on coming forward. He's dam
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