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  1. The RT-PCR test has changed from 72 hours prior to flying to 72 hours prior to arrival in Thailand. I hope this is a misprint.
  2. Perhaps hotels favoured by Anutin? I hadn't realised that Anutin was in charge of the "legalise cannabis? movement. No wonder it is so screwed up and complicated.
  3. Have no fear of death.....but do have a fear of a long lingering death where I am dependent on other people to care for me, or for doctors to prescribe pain medication (which they do very poorly)
  4. To prepare the country for recovery from COVID-19, Thailand has outlined holistic approaches that would transform global trade and a development system that would leave nobody behind. What a pile of baloney. Has this ever been done before? Has Thailand ever transformed global trade before? Has there ever been a development system that leaves nobody behind? The answer to the last question is the 10% rich always command 70 to 80% of the wealth, and that whatever transformation of trade occurs (by Thailand or by the UN) the rich always get richer and the poor always get poorer. T
  5. I don't know about this....adult girls: how old is that? Is it at menstruation around 11 or 12 these days; or is it so arbitrary date, different in each country, picked by the authorities there. I'm not disagreeing with you just looking to what the practicalities would look like.
  6. I can't think of any TV shows I would want to watch. Useless <deleted>, corny jokes and canned laughter....ugh.
  7. They should have offered to sell him their eyes and kidneys.
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