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  1. So now they will pay for him to stay in jail? Sounds too stupid for words.
  2. Usual nonsense from the white English speaking aggressors. Agression, agression agression and then blame the defendant for wanting to defend itself. Let China have her own system, even if you don't like it. How would you feel (if you were Thai) if China ringed Thailand with hundreds of military bases and told Thailand to change its system and economy to a communist one?
  3. I went for my jab last week.....queue for Sinovac was huge and mainly Thais. Queues for AZ and Pfizer about 1/10th as big as for Sinovac.
  4. Why on earth would anyone expect Thai authorities either police, railway, local township to act just because 19 people had died at a particular spot. It would be too damned sensible! Thing why don't they buy a bit of paint and paint stop and give way markings on the roads? Again, way too sensible.....and not enough money to be diverted into the pockets of the already obscenely wealthy.
  5. The 50% reduction will be added to the profit lines on the P&L of the importer.
  6. Thailand should never let this happen. Mega agribusinesses like Archer Daniels will buy up all of Thai agri-land, kick the peasants out, and them sell the products abroad while the average Thai will starve.
  7. I believe in Cod. Since a small child I have always believed in Cod. I got a little confused when I found out that Santa was dead, but my faith in Cod is undiminished.
  8. Why will this change in management increase tourism? AOT's duty free are a disgrace with some of the highest prices I have ever seen because they have a monopoly. Lets put all airports out to tender and take the most competitive bid.
  9. The first thing I noticed about Gen Prawit is the thickness of his wrists. I am guessing that there can only be one other person in Thailand with wrists as thick, obviously this person being the person that loaned the precious watches to Gen Prawit. When I bought an expensive watch they measured my wrists too make sure the watch was a perfect fit. It should be simple enough to get a measurement of Gen Prawit's friends wrists, or to get the records from the watch maker using the ID number on the watch.
  10. Instead of these boring, samey. nonsensical press releases, that are always wrong.....why is wrong with saying" we will open the borders as soon as we have sufficient data to show that it is safe to do so".
  11. The ten year visa as last described in the media was not attractive (a 5 year visa you could renew once). The ball ache with Thailand's visa is not the one year trip to immigration to have it extended, it's the 90 reporting. Does the 10 year visa still require 90 day reporting?
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