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  1. What is the LTR visa? What advantages over a retirement visa does it provide? What is the 'wealthy global person?"
  2. If someone wanted to bring money to Thailand is there a program that might give him some advantage? Not looking to purchase a visa but to get some advantage from a large investment here?
  3. as does everything else... bodies deteriorate sitting in a chair too... I think you are better off for the activity.
  4. I gained a lot from Qi Gong - some good stuff on youtube - less so from Tai Chi - been thinking about yoga -
  5. Are you sure that is just Thai women? I even know some males that are like that... Usually we just call them 'indecisive people'
  6. I play you play we play they play He plays?? you figure it out...
  7. I think that competence in every area seems to be on the decline... and in every country.
  8. That is quite an accomplishment... how do you roll in a wooden floor?
  9. but they don't need anything to understand that they are being mocked by someone who does not like them
  10. Anyone can add 2+2 The ability to read situations and perceive correctly = intelligence
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