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  1. Maybe the more important question is how it compares against your other choices... I have no idea how much your pension might be and what your alternatives are... maybe start by comparing it to what your living costs might be where you are now.... and what about health insurance? just do the math..
  2. getting a bit more exercise... a bit more time on the news which is not healthy learning more reading and writing Thai streaming some sports... and following my teams.. as I did when I was a kid. cooking and working the food trip for my niece who is off school a long list but plenty of idle time too..
  3. I had similar but in my arm and shoulder... could not easily describe it, but went from sometimes extreme numbness in my fingers/dull but strong ache in my bicep and spots in my back... Regular doc could not help - it was probably a pinched nerve though surely some sort of nerve issue... Acupuncture did the trick... took 4 sessions, noticeably better after 2nd session.. PM me if you are in CM area...
  4. Yeah, ok for me, wish there was no covid but that is near everywhere in the world... thanks for asking.
  5. That is exactly my situation too, for 15 years - 2 rai, 4 family houses in the compound... loved it, come and go but now living closer to a metro area...
  6. Nice of you to move back a spot for her, if there was nobody behind you... But common sense as compared to where? I recently read an article from USA, my home country, where a large gathering did not want to wear masks, a violation of their freedom... well, not smart but ok, I understand... BUT, they wanted the people wearing masks to remove them??? Shouldn't they be allowed their freedom too?
  7. I think there is not much to do in the outside world for a while... I will wait for the frenzy to pass but I am glad to see the enthusiasm that there are long queues... I am not optimistic but I root for us to survive as a species
  8. maybe she didn't bite for no good reason... maybe the housekeeper hits the dog when nobody is around...
  9. it says "lived" not live - and for a few months only - I had spent 2 months in and out of the hospital and needed to be in easy access to the hospital... I was in recovery mode but the lovely pool, exercise room and nice gardens all assisted w/a difficult time in my life... And since you are on Avatar patrol, Mr. Searcher22... keep looking and I hope you find compassion and kindness... a touch of good humor might help you along..
  10. So, maybe they saw your face and figured - the only way we can get him to put it back on again is if we all do? just kidding... substitute me for you in that story...
  11. I am in the same situation - your wife and I sleep in not only separate rooms but different houses.. it's a nice arrangement - she's like a stranger to me...
  12. Remember the good ole days when you couldn't wear a mask into a bank?
  13. Get out of Doge!! Sell ETHE - Sell Btc as well!!! Too many new variants... of virus and crypto....
  14. why not? 'I like Tom' - - maybe have more in common w/them as we both like the same thing...
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