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  1. I don't know where you get your news, but I'm pretty sure the vilified MSM has shown, with significant evidence, that Russia has not been following the "rules of war" claim. Regarding "There was a limit to how many lives could be lost in the Donbass to nazi shelling.", please do provide credible sources.
  2. I'm dealing with a recent tornado issue in my neighborhood in the US. Thank god for those immigrants! I was amazed at how fast they were in removing trees from the tops of houses, blocking driveways and side-streets, and other essential places. Large tree removal in urban areas is difficult and potentially dangerous. Yes, they were paid (very well I hope) but they were very good in quickly and safely removing large trees and debris from places where people were trying to salvage their homes and get on with life. I don't know if any or all of them were illegal and I don't care. This neighborhood, where my very elderly Mom also lives, would be in chaos without the work they'd done.
  3. You believe that a country with many competing news sources, both foreign and domestic, has more propaganda that countries where the government controls the "news". Explain how that works.
  4. California is a dictatorship? I'm pretty sure they have elections. And get this, the losers in these elections respect the outcomes and the choices of the voters. Weird, isn't it?
  5. No moderation unless someone complains? Let's see if that's true. A review from Trustpilot: "Thaiger, in many cases, simply opines and pastes articles, as it gleams them from the world presses without sighting sources; plagiarism at its finest." https://www.trustpilot.com/review/thethaiger.com
  6. If they dropped their weapons and fled, they have some claim to being refugees. However if they kept their weapons and retreated across the border then they are using, or attempting to use, Thailand as a base for continuing their ugly war. There's a big difference.
  7. What has BRICS accomplished? To my knowledge BRICS has been less influential than ASEAN.
  8. Why? Isn't that the most logical explanation? Especially when you consider Trump's 3+ hours of watching his supporters rampage through the Capitol while ignoring all requests to do something. Only when it was clear that the rioters would not succeed in seizing the Capitol and preventing the election certification did he gently request the "patriots" go home, while repeating the stolen election lie. If you want to believe in a deep state conspiracy behind events on that day, Trump's deep state seeking to overturn the election results is the conspiracy most consistent with the evidence.
  9. Are you suggesting the deep state under Trump was attempting to disrupt the proceedings to certify the election results so Trump could remain President? I don't think so, but it is certainly a more credible conspiracy theory than most.
  10. The cheapest airlines that cross the Pacific are the ones most likely to nickel and dime you on seat selection. Many of them are now flying the Boeing 777 with the ten across seating in economy. It is a flying sardine can; many of the passengers rely on sleeping pills or other aids to get through it. As much as possible I avoid it, even if it means paying a few hundred more.
  11. I'm of west of the old city and can't see the mountains. Definitely a day for wearing a mask.
  12. You can believe that if you want. Better informed people know better.
  13. Correct. Trump wants to deny Biden any semblance of success this year, even if it means more illegal immigrants, more illegal drugs, and handing Russia a tremendous victory in Ukraine. Trump disparages something/someone and his followers go nuts announcing their hatred of that thing or person. Haven't you noticed that? That was enough to shoot down the bill.
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