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  1. Can honestly state that I don't recall ever using the Yellow Book in all the years I've had it. I only got it because it was a condition of obtaining the free medical arrangement for foreigners. So yes I used it once to sign up for that but the government cancelled the medical arrangement in the first year of operation. Never used it again. I also have a pink ID card. Never use that also as I recall.
  2. Had my Yellow Book about 10+ years. What a waste of time getting it. Not worth the hassle. Don't bother.
  3. Mine's still going strong after 16 years. Have a second shower room and that's got a Haeir (E135). Bought it on Lazada highly recommended.
  4. It's more common here than you thought. Along with monks DUI. Happy" the drink driving monk tells cops he thought the alcohol was "medicine" •
  5. Car drivers who open their car door without checking for other road users. I was out the other week cycling and if it weren't for me anticipating the car drivers actions I'd have hit him. By the way, the driver of the car was a *****ng monk.
  6. That's a silly question. Not every drives <deleted>. You're gonna find some Thais that drive exceedingly well as well as find others that drive exceedingly badly. But I agree that Thailand has more bad drivers than good. All boils down to intellectual levels and location really.
  7. What I've noticed in the years I've been here is that the tesseban do not have 'clerk of works' that oversee any construction work that it contracts out. Tarmac temperature is not checked on the lorries before being laid. In the UK if it fails the heat test then it's scrapped costing the contactor money to replace it. Also concrete, when delivered, does not undergo a 'slump test'. Failing that test, as like the tarmac, it is rejected and goes against the contractors costs. Hit the contractor in the pocket to force them to work to the standards. slump test
  8. I had an accident some years ago with a motorcyclist. He entered from a side road without looking from the right. I hit him from behind making it look like I rear ended him. Luckily I have a dashcam and all became clear at the cop shop later. The guy I hit had a prosthetic leg to add to the story. After the dashcam viewing at the cop shop they decided that he was at fault and decided on a 1400 Baht fine. But due to him being poor they didn't enforce it. They just gave his family, who turned up at the station, a warning not to allow him to ride motorcycles again. What's the chance he/they compl
  9. The law is that all vehicles must keep left. When overtaking, a motorcyclist must do so on the righthand side. Same laws as per any country that drives on the left.
  10. Absolutely right. They fail at the first hurdle they don't put the subbase in and they certainly never use a basecourse. That is the load bearer and also assists with drainage. I've never seen a Thai road built to the spec below.
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