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  1. Never mind about Pattaya. What about the poor residents of Korat and around. Every year they get flooded out. Life wouldn't be life if it didn't happen one year.
  2. Yep definitely finished after I obtained it. Just a quicky as to why I went for that extension at the time. I had a friend who stayed here by crossing the border at Cheong Chom every month. No show of money needed. We'd heard that this crossing the border every month was going to be cancelled and they were going to install this 'support by a Thai child' clause. This would help my friend tremendously as he was looking after his 2 sons and his wife had ran off. So I volunteered to test the waters and get the new 'extension' so my friend could stay here as he had no form of income other tha
  3. I did and still have my old passport verifying this. The Officer that gave it me was Khun Arcade based, at the time, the old TOT(immigration) office 12km outside of Korat. For that extension there was not supposed to be a show of money but Khun Arcade insisted I had to show some as how can I have no money for living expenses. We agreed at 200,000 Baht at the time. Even though money wasn't a requirement to get this extension. Soon thereafter the thing was scrapped, as per the Thai way. Pun intended.
  4. Thailand askes for farang help? Yo havin a larf?
  5. Crikey I remember way back in 2006-7, I think, where I got a 12 month extension based on a Thai child supporting me. Honestly.
  6. Flooding is caused by bad water management. The Dutch manage it very well.
  7. Rain is not necessary the cause of flooding. Water management is the cause of flooding or should I say 'the lack of water management'?
  8. Can't help but feel sorry for you mate. I had the same thing some years back. I had the operation and post op I could only walk on tip toes for a while. And then one has to endure going for ones first number 2. It'll make you sweat. But all these years later I'm glad I had it done.
  9. After planting my Kratom sapling all appeared bad. The leaves on the sapling turned brown and fell off. I thought the rumour to be true that they were a difficult plant to get established. Thankfully after about 2 weeks new leaves have begun to appear. Things are now looking up.
  10. You must be rich. It free for a Thai at her government hospital. I have 3 children all born in government. Never a problem.
  11. I think the doctors push for it because it fits in well with their diaries. C sections come in handy when holiday times are coming up. My twins were due during Songkran but the doctor chose to do the C-section a week before.
  12. He was up to last Sunday when I had a beer at his place. He has a contact phone number Ring 0861548037 (English) or 0871373867 (Thai) Look up his web site. http://www.nookiesdelights.3baht.net/
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