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  1. By going too fast. Not all cars are stopped at checkpoints/roadblocks.
  2. My missus went on the bus. Four hours each way. Photocopies were a few Baht but not many required. If my missus can do it without expertise then anyone can do it. My missus loved doing the bus journey. She's one of those people that likes to sleep as soon as the bus sets off.
  3. Exactly right. Just get a family member to act on your behalf. Pay them 500 Baht for the day and job done. A visa agent would do the same and make a couple of thousand for just that. Many a Thai would bite your hand off for 500 Baht.
  4. I feel exactly the same but I can't due to the fact I have 3 teenager children and I daren't rock the boat visa wise. I like to sleep at night
  5. Precisely. The words are repeated every day by school children "Thailand is for Thais' as sung in their national anthem.
  6. Just a note. Buriram IO do not charge for photocopies when doing a Marriage Extension even though the amount they do must be about 20 per individual applicant.
  7. Not knocking you but I always thought road accidents/traffic offences came with fixed penalties.
  8. Not true. Many people use the agent in Soi Post Office, Pataya but live in Buriram. Reason being that Pattaya is cheaper Buriram IO.
  9. Some years ago I asked my pension provider how much monthly my wife will get once I die. If I recall right they said 45% of what I was getting before I died. To spoil it all I was told today that it has since changed and they will only pay her proportionately due the 25 year age difference. I hope I've explained that correctly? Is it true?
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