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  1. Thats in correct @Oxx is 100% correct, if the company paying you is based UK then its classed as UK, many many companies set up smaller branches in other country's. so the OP will need to change his employers company or address to be NON UK I've 26 years overseas and I know things change from time to time, but the company based in or out UK hasn't changed. I think its tied to the employers declaring who the pay and employ no matter where they are in the world. So it doesnt really matter where you are, its where the Employer is
  2. I don’t know any country who are promoting arrivals without vaccination This is the new standard along with a negative PCR test. Get used to it get vaccinated and move forward
  3. bolt


    Decathlon, North Pattaya Road
  4. Many people are in denial about getting old, they think they’ll go on forever Retiring is the end of your life. But surely retiring is the start of a new phase, it’s the time to take your watch off, switch the alarm off, let the young ones run around racing to beat the clock and the sunset. My older brother loves to tell me he won’t retire, he’ll work into his 70’s, I’m like why do you want to do that why not do stuff you want, and then I suppose he’s happy in his work or happy in his moment. I Know I’ll never have enough money, so why wait until your late 60’
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