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  1. Many people are in denial about getting old, they think they’ll go on forever Retiring is the end of your life. But surely retiring is the start of a new phase, it’s the time to take your watch off, switch the alarm off, let the young ones run around racing to beat the clock and the sunset. My older brother loves to tell me he won’t retire, he’ll work into his 70’s, I’m like why do you want to do that why not do stuff you want, and then I suppose he’s happy in his work or happy in his moment. I Know I’ll never have enough money, so why wait until your late 60’
  2. Celtic fans need to remember that Ange needs at least 2 transfer windows, playing in Europe and SPFL takes its toll on the players that’s why Ange is resting Ralston for example, if they don’t get any rest they’ll be burnt out or injured by early October. Unfortunately, 2nd in Glasgow is a disaster, whichever club is 2nd at end of the season will be calling for the head of the manager which is sad really. The bigger picture is European competition season 2024-25 https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/news/0268-1213f7aa85bb-d56154ff8fe8-1000--uefa-announces-new-format-for-club-c
  3. bolt

    Golf Shoes

    for me ECCO I've tried spikes less golf shoes, and my left foot seems to slip. note you can buy cheap hats, shirts, shorts even socks, but dont go cheap with your feet, get some good shoes then you'll be happier at the end of your round, i rotate 2 pairs which helps the foot adjust instead of the same shoe over and over. so buy 2 pairs of slightly different shoes same brand.
  4. The COE mentions Flights and Hotels So you cannot change anything, delay slightly yes, but no changes.
  5. I’ve had 3 shots of SINOPHARM outside of Thailand Jan = Feb=September. I’ve travelled in and out of Thailand 3 times since August 2020, tested many times and still only ever negative, so SINOPHARM seems to be helping
  6. I have done 2 ASQ’S and also 1 Sandbox Phuket Sand box wins hands down for me, being able to go out for a gentle walk at any time during your 14 days is way better than being stuck in a room no matter how big, everyone is different though. I think the cost of the Sandbox should be cheaper if you shop around, but depends on where you go after Phuket. I’m due to fly back in December and I’ll wait until 2-4 days before flying to decide Sandbox somewhere or ASQ, the Embassy have been really great with my applications previously
  7. Do you think thailand is the only country testing arrivals, or putting Int arrivials in Quarantine.
  8. How many of you actually use the pool, or is it there to enhance property value, or as something to look at. I suppose I’m asking do you use the pool daily, or have you stopped using it after the first 6-12 months, and do you now wish you didn’t have a pool. I’d like one for exercise, but I’m worried I won’t really use it once the novelty wears off. at the moment we dont' plan to sell the house so we're not looking for a pool to help with the value. In hindsight would you go back and remove your pool
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