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  1. Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely give both a try. We at the Marriott in Madrid for three nights to decompress after our flight and they had Rioja in the club lounge, it was good, but I don't recall which version of Rioja it was. I pounded quite a few San Miguel's - nothing like free beer!! Today we drove from Madrid to Logrono via A2 to A111, through Soria and what an amazing drive that was over the mountains. In the afternoon we drove to Viana (it's about 11 kilometers from Logrono) to survey the area as I had contacted a guy there about renting his place until we decide where to buy. It's
  2. Oh, it’s much much bigger than just Thailand - I can assure you.
  3. This is nothing more than a large scale “red bag” and “brown envelope” orgy between the Thai government, crooked businessmen and the CCP.
  4. Nope, I was responding to Isaan Sailor’s post. And if you’re intention is to scare me by tying my comments the article regarding the spread of misinformation, think again. I no longer live in the LOS, nor do I ever plan to return. You can have it - enjoy!
  5. I closed my BKB account a few days ago, because I moved to Spain, but I did not know it auto saved those transactions. It did pop up on the screen automatically, then I’d capture it. Found it to be very handy. I liked banking at BKB. I was also signed up for Bualuang banking, but never really used the online banking feature. When I closed my account I was able to go to the Bualuang desk at BKB Headquarters, which was nice and private. It reminded me of using Chase Private Client in the US - almost.
  6. Would you mind sharing the link? I just moved to Spain and am not yet at the point of making a final decision on any vax, but this info may force my hand.
  7. Oh, but they will line up and sing Xi Jinping’s praises and hail to Sinovac!!! And tell you how great it is - even how great China is…what a croc of propaganda.
  8. This is my pet peeve re: masks. Try pulling your glasses a little farther down your nose, if you can. It creates some space between your face and the lenses. That worked for me.
  9. Phone apps and bank to bank is the way to go. Then just take a screenshot of the receipt on your phone for safekeeping…easy-peasy.
  10. “If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done, You’ll Always Get What You’ve Always Got.” ~ Henry Ford
  11. Plans and orders, plans and orders…followed by lies and miserable failure. Who cares??? Enough of spreading false hope and mis-information. Get off your useless keisters and get busy!!! Then let us know when enough vaccine has arrived for everyone.
  12. Don’t remind me, please. Just got over a 5-week bout of debilitating back spasms. My exercise routine, which is quite intense came to a grinding halt. And if you knew me, you would know I’m not one to go to the MD. I just suck it up and eventually it goes away - I wonder when that will change. It seems like every other week or so it’s another new ailment. That’s okay though, one day some of these younger fools will understand.
  13. Very well-said, Spidey and sadly there is no clear path out of the current situation without drastic changes.
  14. Some of us don’t currently reside in LOS, so besides getting suspended or put in ‘time-out’, what will happen?
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