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  1. Well, he will not be infecting people like you and most sensible double vaccinated people, so no need to worry. He will only be a danger to his other fellow unvaccinated people....and they are all happy to take that chance. I don't agree with his choice, but it's his choice. People have to be responsible for themselves. If you think getting vaccinated and wearing a mask will keep you safe then do do it...no one is stopping you. On the other hand, if he and others refuse to get vaccinated that is their choice, BUT they should be forced to pay fo
  2. But then the OP will have to live with both loud music AND the stench of manure.
  3. Can you help me understand more by listing some of the actual achievements the British Embassy reached with this 'collaboration and peaceful cooperation' with Thailand?
  4. Yes.... honestly what is the point of all of it? What do they actually do that is helpful?
  5. You are correct, but that is no way OP should have to live....underground in his own house to escape the neighbours noise.
  6. OP, I feel for you. Sadly there is little you can do. After living here many years we have been in similar situations and had to sell our dream house that we planned to retire in, due to unbelievable loud music from 2 neighbours. It's different if you are in a city or in a gated village. I would stop building and put the land up for sale at the price you bought it for. Then find somewhere else. It's just not worth the stress....and no Thai person will understand why you are upset about loud music. We moved and the same thing is ha
  7. Blimey, just how much vinegar did you pour onto the lawn???!!! Perhaps add some topsoil and then re seed or turf it and start again.
  8. Op...I would just water the lawn and also after a few heavy downpours of rain it should grow back when the vinegar is washed away and diluted.
  9. Different things work for different people. I am happy like this. No problem sleeping either. By the time I go to bed it's 1am normally...so plenty of time to start digesting my 7 pm meal. Also I only have small portions. Stew is healthier than some of the breakfasts people are eating on this thread. Usually have chicken or vegetarian protein in it with lost of carrots, potato, onions etc.
  10. I like the ideals of Buddhism. In theory it's good, but in practice (at least what I see in Thailand) it gets distorted and manipulated into something perverse. I have met some good monks and nuns (at least they appeared to be) but they are in the minority. When I see monks with smartphones, laptops, sitting in expensive coffee shops or traveling business class on airplanes, I know that is not what the religion is supposed to be about. Similarly with temples constantly asking for money and building unnecessary buildings and status I am pretty sure that is
  11. Never eat breakfast. Just not hungry in the mornings. First meal is about 12 or 1pm....which will be some Thai food...something with rice...like chicken and ginger or a caw pad. Then I don't eat till 7 or 8 pm. This is my main meal...such as stew and bread or mashed potatoes and chicken / sausages.
  12. I think money is the real reason governments want to keep euthanasia illegal. Care homes, private hospitals and the like all make big money from 'care' and keeping their patients alive as long as they can.
  13. Yes. It frustrates me that humans keep terminally ill people going so long, suffering and in pain...sometimes for years...bedridden and semi conscious on medications...with no hope of recovery. All that suffering and heartache for the patient as well and their family and friends. Yet, if we were to do that to our pet dog or cat we would be accused of being selfish and of animal cruelty....and rightly so. So in that case we treat animals better than ourselves.
  14. I live half the year (well used to before covid) on the east side of Phuket. It's more 'Thai' and quiet...with lots of nice countryside and views. There are.small local markets for locals that we love to use, and the people are nice. Also some french bakeries which sell delicious cakes! Transport is good too to get to the shopping centre. So... I would say look at East side of the island if you want a more authentic 'semi rural' lifestyle away from mass tourists.
  15. No......not of dying. If I could just die of 'old age' in my sleep. I am afraid of pain and long suffering from a disease or health problem though....but not of the dying part at all. I hope when I get older they will have legalised euthanasia and have some nice hotel style place I can go when I think the time is right....where I can say goodbye to friends and then down a bottle of fine brandy and eat chocolates then take a pill, go to sleep and not wake up.
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