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  1. The 'hillbilly' solution.. Connect a cable to any of the screws on top of the amp and then take it outside to ground it. Buy a copper rod , hammer it to the earth (about 90%) and connect the cable to the top of it.
  2. I would consider a Sinovac (in case they refuse to renew my visa) Never an MRNA 'v' Btw...are hotels or apartment building managers starting to ask for 'v' proof? OP... sorry for the slightly off-topic reply
  3. Let me see....muslims vs the decrepit/dying West (Thailand not far behind) Option A please.
  4. Ghastly look But wait ..it gets worse The over-sized t-shirt over the shorts and flip-flops...face/hair as they just got out of bed.. Overall, thai women are shabby dressers Muslim women (in the south) are way more elegant with their traditional clothes
  5. Hi all Thinking to relocate further north, from the deep south. Not into bars or touristy areas Never been to either town What says you?
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