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  1. I'm vaccinated so I don't worry about them who are not "following the rules". I wear my mask to make you feel better and to prevent the Thais from labeling 'nasty'.
  2. I'd go back to 2009... HaHa-55. I had a very good job, good money, traveled often enough and 'really' thought I could be there for 10-15 more years.
  3. There were, of course, evil people then, but I think it's much worse now and, yes, the cheap cost of communication created a monster.
  4. I would have hated being away from my son. I went through that with my daughter when I divorced in '87 and the ex-wife moved away. It's brutal. I hope you guys get to spend a lot of quality time together now.
  5. You are talking about Hillary, right? Or... Stacy?
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