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  1. Ah, you must be talking about all the vote buying PT does upcountry... Personally, I hope they never win again.
  2. No, and I've used Wells Fargo and Chase. I now use WISE and am sad I didn't use them sooner. NOTE: I tried to USAA, but their method was much too cumbersome. They want the info via voice instructions.
  3. I concur with the former PM. The flood was not her fault. It was the bureaucrats who spent all their time kowtowing to the 'new' government and didn't pay attention to their jobs and the water levels in the reservoirs upcountry. Then Thailand had a number of tropical storms sweep across Vietnam & Laos in short time frames, which dumped large amounts of water into those reservoirs. Next thing you know the sluice gates were opened and here came the water. No place to put it, especially when the Bangkok Governor closed his flood gates to protect Bangkok (which was his job). Her an
  4. Yeah, really, he should have gone to California via Mexico. No worries there, just leave the ID at home and speak a little S. or C. American Spanish. Comprendai?
  5. Interesting comments and thanks for the subject. I've a car back in home country, which has been sitting for most of 3+ years. I 'may' go back in March and will face the same concerns; although, I changed its oil and had the transmission serviced with trans-oil change before I left, hoping to cut down any settling 'sludge'.
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