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  1. Hmm, I don't think I've ever been on a plane that had an upstairs nor a bar of any sort. I've been on a good number of flights, too. I hope I run into the situation such as you describe. I don't have any problem watching films, though, and quite enjoy zoning out to 4 or 7. The key is to have decent headphones, not the one the airline gives you.
  2. Thank you for the input, good info. Do they both or neither serve alcohol? Personally, I like to have a couple drinks and take a Xanax and that lets me sleep a decent bit....works for me. The Qatar site is not loading well so I haven't been able to get the details on baggage and change fees. Not sure what's up with that. Certainly will book direct and not with a consolidator. I can deal with any long transit ultimately but those long late night/early layovers are uncomfortable, being in that zombie/walking dead state for hours on end. I once flew Bkk to NYC and it took about 48 hours due to we
  3. Greetings fellow Miserables....I'm looking to book a flight shortly from Bkk to USA and have a choice between Emirates and Qatar. Prices are more or less the same but Emirates has a longer layover....but is slightly cheaper. Do people have strong opinions about these two airlines? I have flown Qatar in the past and though a distant memory I don't remember any negatives. Not sure I've ever flown Emirates. However, I'd be in the airport there for about 5 hours hanging around. They are also advertising no change fees and it's nice to have that flex. Not sure Qatar. Anyone care to input on this?
  4. I also use Dental 4 You and do need some implants but so far have kicked it down the road. I think in the end you should expect to pay between 50,000 and 60,000 unless you go super high-end. There is also the question if you will need...I forget the term, bone reinforcement. I think this is for upper implants only where if your bone where the teeth sit is too thing they need to strengthen it. I get the impression it is necessary more often than not. I can't quite recall but it adds 15 to 20k to the price. I was told I need this done after an X-ray of my jaw bone. Hmmm who knows?
  5. Furthermore....what was playing?? I want to avoid watching that movie!
  6. My point is only that unless there is true quarantine, infected people will infect others whatever province they are in. Sure, CM doesn't want BKK cases, I understand that. And I understand going to another province will spread it to another province so a larger area will have some infections. I'm just wondering if the overall number of cases will go down by banning inter-provincial travel. That's my wonder.
  7. I think that abandoned building 500m down Changklan and right onto a soi has been....wait for it.....refurbished! I could be wrong and I might have your soi wrong but I do remember a big graffiti covered shell that it seemed they used for rappelling or something. Anyway, driving by there a few weeks ago I was looking for that building and what I saw was a fixed up one. I could have been out of my tree, though. I will have to check again. I did eyeball that round rest. many a time and wonder. I didn't realize it had been demolished. The cobra story seems hard to believe
  8. I get that. But if those people are traipsing around Bkk they are spreading it, too. Just like they would in another province. It's like robbing Peter to pay Paul, it seems. If you're saying the leaders of each province want their province sealed off, I can understand it but it doesn't seem like it would change the overall rate of infection. Access to medical care makes some sense. I guess my main thought is infected people are going to infect or not infect other people no matter where they are. If they are in contact with more people because of travel, that would make some sense. But how much
  9. I was just thinking about the subject in the title and I feel I'm missing something as to the efficacy of the ban. I know the ban is not enforced so much but I was passing through the checkpoint in Chiang Mai and so it came up. I understand they want to keep the Covid numbers down. But if a sick person goes out and infects others, or vice-versa, what does it matter if it's in the same province in which the person lives or in a neighboring province? If you have 100,000 sick in Bkk and zero in CM or 75,000 in Bkk and 25,000 in CM, is it not the same? A province is just a line drawn in the sand.
  10. Does anyone know when the movie theater was shut down across the intersection from Pantip Plaza? Has anyone ventured in there and poked around? Must be fascinating. It saddens me to think it has just been left there to rot when in my mind it could have been a great attraction given the location. But I suppose all those old theaters were abandoned because they weren't a draw anymore. Amazing it just sits there year after year...
  11. Me, too! I lived very close to YMCA for 4 years and frequented the shop often. Now, I live a bit further away so don't get there as much BUT our posts here inspired me to go for lunch today. I did not bring my phone to take pics of my BEAUTIFUL fish and shrimp pii-set jok with two eggs but it was divine. 3 big shrimp, a plethora of white snapper (as they reference it), thick/rich jok, and a sprinkling of ginger and spring onion on top. And the aforementioned 2 soft-boiled eggs. It was wonderful. The cost for that was 105 baht. But a regular size jok with pork dumplings is only 35 baht. I don't
  12. Quite popular because delicious. Landlord bumped the rent way up and forced them out thus the move just down the street. I'm not sure about the prices between the two rest. but if it's true, the difference is what, 5 or 10 baht? Their jok is far better than Jok Somphet, in my opinion. Somphet is watery. Santitham Breakfast is thick and rich. And the people are lovely, family run place. Did you ever even get a smile at Jok Somphet? Yes, I am partial to the place because of a longstanding relationship of sorts I have with the owners but that aside, their food is really nice and the atmosphere of
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