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  1. Very helpful and informative additional info, thank you much. Interesting it's ok with a sleeping pill, and good to hear that, too. It sounds like you did not get/are not getting much benefit from the machine. I hope you have results showing that the machine is doing what it is supposed to be doing. Well, I'm sure you are covering your bases. I'm very glad to have this info. Best of luck with the fatigue... It's one of those rather nondescript phenomena...what does it mean to be fatigued and how much fatigue is normal for John Smith? That makes it easy to kick the can down the road another day
  2. True enough. Well, I could get a re-entry permit if I think I might come back before Dec. 28 when my extension expires, as I understand it. And then get the next extension via the normal way. But if it is as easy as it seems to get the Non-O via email while in the US, that almost makes more sense. Then I arrive with everything in order and a new Non-O.
  3. That is super news, Sparkles, thank you. I know who you're talking about...the HCMC clinic with the Indian/Thai doctor, I do believe. I have been to see her a couple times and she had mentioned a sleep study, as well, but we tested some other things first (I had low B-12) and then I dropped the ball (the B-12 did not "cure" me). I'm assuming you are feeling more rested? I'm quite thin and in pretty good shape at 53 and my wife doesn't complain about me snoring particularly. I do have a pretty good deviated septum, however, which is perhaps causing me some breathing issues when sleeping. If not
  4. Wow....that's a hell of a lot easier than 12 months of 40k or 2 months of 400k. Thank you, Joe! Oh....how far in advance of my current expiration can I make the new Non-O, please?
  5. I will check that, thanks. I think I have looked in the past and came up with nothing. Or it could have been the price that I couldn't come up with whereas Bangkok Hospital I somewhere found that 15k figure. I'm trying to convince myself to do it but even though my sleep is a mess, no one likes going to the doctor!
  6. Well gosh, that almost seems too easy. I've attached a screen shot of what the link you sent mentions as required documentation. It doesn't specify about which bank statement I need to show. I'm also looking at the New York consulate website (egads, it looks like it's from 1988) and it also fails to mention what I can use for proof of finances. I bring this up because it's a somewhat onerous affair when doing it in Thailand. I don't think I will be able to get a up to date statement from my Thai bank as I won't be in Thailand. I can't imagine trying to get that info from SCB over the phone. I
  7. Thank you Jack and Joe. Previous to the extensions based on marriage done in country, I always exited every year and got a new visa....thus I could extend it by 90 days by ducking in and out of the country near the end of the visa. Alas, not now. But that was the reason for that particular question. It sounds like getting the new Non-O in the US would be easier than back here in Thailand. Is that a correct assessment? And still the money in the bank for that route? I have been doing the monthly transfers so I SHOULD be covered but from news I've seen on here, things are not always as they seem
  8. Well, since we're on the topic could I politely insert a question here? Last year, I did my first extension based on marriage. That will expire in December. Can I do a 90 day report just before the expiration to get another 90 days? And to get a new extension, are the requirements the same....money in the bank, home visit, photographs of home, etc...? Lastly, I am planning on a trip back to the US shortly with a return most likely before my extension expires. On the off chance that I remain outside Thailand until after my permission to stay expires, could I then enter as a tourist and sub
  9. I know of the one at Bangkok hospital but not any others. I recall reading it was about 15k. Does anyone have any feet-on-the-ground experience with this clinic? It's a good amount of cash to invest and totally worth it if they find something. It would be nice to hear some feedback from someone that's been! Cheers, Bam
  10. Some good info here, thanks all! I'm sure it will help a few people. I knew about the CM Mediclinic. It is the first to pop up on a google search. Price is the same as HCMC and since I've been before to HCMC I think I'll opt for that one. I didn't know about RAM. That's a quick turnaround and could be useful because the timing is so crucial. Cheers all!
  11. Health Care Medical Clinic...yes, not a very memorable name. If you google HCMC Hang Dong Rd, Chiang Mai, you will get there.
  12. Well I got a response from HCMC on Hang Dong Rd and I've been there before. They can set an appt. for me and get it done all in a day so I think I'll go that route. Maybe this info will help someone.
  13. Hi folks, can anyone recommend a place to get the PCR test prior to international air travel? I've found a few places online, a couple clinics, Bangkok Hospital...just wondering if anyone has personal experience. Thank you and cheers!
  14. I spoke with an agent from AXA Sawasdee Thailand and was told I could just purchase one month of insurance for a cost of about 2700 baht. I am 53 on a non-O visa but I don't think that had anything to do with it. She did not ask the expiration of my visa.
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