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  1. I will keep my extension of stay, just like it came in it could go out even faster.
  2. It is not up to the tenant tell that to immigration when your landlord doesn't do it
  3. I love when Thai officials donot know when low season is upon us
  4. Not how petty they are but how petty one woman happen to be. Making a mountain out of a molehill
  5. I had my eye done years ago, the Dr. used a cold laser for the firsttreatment and froze the retins then after a few days he decides to use the hot laser to burn the retine. Both surgeries weresucessful nd used the direct injection of pain killer into the eye. My big problem was the air bubble he injected into the eye and until it had disappeared while awake and when I slept I had to keep that bubble over the area of the eye he had preformed surgery Now some 20 odd years later eye in good shape
  6. I liked some of the things he did as immigration police chief he made life in Chiang Mai liviable. But he just doesn't get it his fellow workers and higher up do not like him even though he isjust like them. Big Joke just pushes the big boys the wrong way.
  7. Why Thailand shame on UK for not tracking there citizen for the crimes he commited there.If the UK could not track this guy you expect Thailand to do there dirty work.
  8. Read the complete article near a mosque is mentioned
  9. He isn't wealthy he used a credit card to buy the bracelet. Being wealthy means cash.
  10. Did all that recently, took 2 passports submitted the 90 day report. The officer said be sure to change your info when you renew extension have a nice day
  11. I have no need to justify my stay in Thailand other than that I enjoy being here
  12. What different does it make assult is assult and everyone knows the Thaimedia is very carefull about something and cares nothing about other things.
  13. Not Thailands problem. They have enough problems taking care of their own people.
  14. You are making this harder than it needs to be, follow the instructions instead of trying to do what you want. You have to sign up for the Thai postal shop and have a sign in account for it to work. After I signed in no problem for me and passport back in 3 or 4 weekd
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