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  1. Wife had 3rd booster AZ yesterday at Phuket Merlin. In/out in an hour. Her friend had her 3rd shot on 16 Sept at Karon Orchid. So must have started last week.
  2. Yes, signed on to that app. Works as described. Looks like the digital health pass needs an ATK result. The ATK option goes nowhere. Anyone figured how to enter an ATK result into the app.
  3. I doubt you got a vaccination certificate. Think you refer to that working slip that is stamped. I take that to Chalong to get the certificate. Then I can get the vax passport. Not sure if hospital or some municipal office. Monday's problem ....
  4. Think you slipped a zero there. 500 in 2 days in Phuket
  5. Passport stamp ?? All I got was an AZ2 sticker on front outside my passport.
  6. I would guess you drank at your hotel, They can serve alcohol if they have restaurant. The curfew rule is quite flexible.
  7. Had my second AZ jab at Orchid. Much same as oldcpu. Arrived 08.15 for 09.00 appointment. Initial process was fast. Then surprised how many folks were sitting below. Much much more than last time. Thought I was in for a long wait. Hardly got mobile logged on when our group called. Had my jab at 08.40. Out door 09.10. Once again I commend the organisation and efficiency. They move a lot of folks very fast.
  8. Only if truck had more than the basic insurance, which pays nothing except limited hospital costs.
  9. After a bit of messing about on the phuketmustwin site my wife eventually was offered a place at Phuket Town Merlin for AZ next Tuesday. She booked it.
  10. Or a couple of microwaves and air fryers with loads of TV style diners in the freezer. Bar staff just heat up.
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