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  1. I once helped a Thai friend go through the online visa application form. She was going to travel alone and just wanted me to check that she'd understood it all correctly. It looked like all the information about requirements etc. was on the UK government website: https://www.gov.uk/standard-visitor
  2. It will go through customs before it gets to the Post Office. If you get a notification from your local PO, everything will already have been officially logged and recorded and you'll have to pay what's due.
  3. A couple of people have explained that to you already. A karaoke bar where girls just come and sit for drinks is definitely not a go-go bar.
  4. I know they are. Just saying they're not go-go bars.
  5. Go-go bars are very much for western tourists. The Thai bars you're talking about are almost always karaoke places.
  6. Yes. They won't extend beyond the validity of the passport.
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