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  1. Can't be many (if any) players who've done this. Cole Palmer plays 2 games in one day. He played for the first team V Burnley yesterday and then played for the EDS squad against Leicester at 7:30pm and scoring 2 goals. Yeah, he only played a minute against Burnley but still, Pep must be impressed with the lad
  2. Yip. And Sterling didn't do himself any favours yesterday in fighting to keep a place
  3. Every team has to put up with injuries. It's how you cope with missing the key players
  4. Yep. Looks like Ferran Torres will be out for about 6 weeks after getting injured playing for Spain
  5. Got to disagree on that one mate. We play Burnley at weekend. Why should they have to cancel playing and risk future match congestion because City haven't got a player or 2 back from International duty? We don't cancel games because players <deleted> off to African Cup of Nations mid-season. It's a pain but that's why you have squad's. That and I want the prem back. I hate International breaks as it is and there's another next month. We have a PL season to get on with. La Liga have buckled because the big clubs will have insisted on it. That league is crooked, so
  6. TBF Ronnie, I think it's always been about money. Particularly in recent times and especially since the PL was formed
  7. Just noticed today that there are quite a few visitors to the forum, who don't usually post. We like the football banter on here and the more the merrier. So come on, introduce yourself and tell us who your favourite team is. It always helps if we know who we all support when it comes to a bit of banter. Jockstar, could you make this a sticky? I'll start, Fav team= Manchester City. Discussion thread here:- http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/index.php?sh...&start=1600 However, i now live in Rochdale, so they are my favourite lower league team. Well, maybe not favourite but i look out for
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