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  1. Hello. i am on a guardian visa. You do need to have 500k on your account to get it the first tome and also to renew every year. This amount has to be there , I think, 2 months before renewal and 1 month after. You will need a letter from your bank to acknowledge that.. And to add 100 baht just before going for your stamp! With your passbook. The purpose to have an agent is to avoid all that including the 500k deposit !
  2. Thanks. Appreciated! I did not receive anything asking me to do that and, again, I have a friend who got his LTR without submitting a health certificate. The only difference with him is I am asking it for me but also for my wife and child. Since, I think, it is mandatory for the ones requesting a work permit, they could have put this item with the list requested specifically for work permits. I hope it will be fine. The good thing is that the steps after # 6 till the visa stamp go much faster from what I am reading. My current visa expiry date is the end of November.
  3. I'm still on step 5 ...but they're requesting a medical certificate??? I thought it was only for the ones asking for a work permit. A friend got the LTR Pensioner without that (but with health insurance of course) Is it a new thing?
  4. So, I got the good news 3 days after posting here that my Application for LTR Wealthy Pensioner was approved. Since I submitted everything on September 1st (and was never asked for any other documents, it takes way more than 20 working days to get an answer these days...but I also know from a friend it went faster for him a few months ago. My advice, if you live in Bangkok, is to go to BOI in Chamchuri to have them call the government agencies to figure out your status ( I did it twice). I also sent an email last weekend through the BOI platform ...and received an email back from them 3 days later saying it was approved, with a detailed explanation about the process. I just need to update a few documents (the last passport-stamped page, and a medical certificate but for this one, my understanding is that it is only required for the category with work permit). So al good ! As said above, yes you can visit BOI in Bangkok as much as you want, you can also call the BOI number to get some information/updates about your application
  5. Hello everyone, I applied for LTR end of August, category Wealthy Pensioner, and have not gotten any answer so far. I went to BOI Chamchuri Square around 3 weeks ago and the staff, after checking/calling to get news about my application, came back telling me I will receive good news in the next 48 hours. Nothing happened, I went back a week ago and they told me: All good for us but Government agencies are busy. Wait for 2 more weeks. I don't know anymore what to think. Anyone know how long does it take currently to get a LTR in the WP category? Thanks!
  6. Thanks a lot Ubonjoe. Crystal clear now. I will probably do it from Phnom Penh. It seems no appointment is needed there.
  7. Thanks Ubonjoe. My visa F has already been cancelled. So, are you saying I cannot do the following : 1) Leave and enter Thailand again( As a French, I will have a 45 days waiver). 2) I would request the Non O 1 year visa for education at the immigration office here?
  8. Hello, My visa F has just been cancelled on December 1st (retirement) and I need to leave the country before December 21st to start the process for another visa. I think I have already all the paperwork : Child birth certificate, school letters + 500K in the bank for 2 months. I was planning to go to the Thai embassy in KL or HCMC but no visa appointment time slot available before ages. So, I am now planning to do a visa run, coming back here with a 45 days tourist exemption (I am French) and do the Visa O Education in Chaeng Wattana. Is it an option? Any others? Thanks !
  9. Well, walking on Sukhumvit soi 3 this afternoon, it looks like they're not expecting any ????
  10. Yeah yeah. The same guy who said a few months ago that millions of tourists will flock to Thailand by year end!
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