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  1. Ticks are in woods, grass or even your back yard. Yeah they can hitchhike on an animal like dogs and cats, but they arent responsible for the tick. If the kid plays in those areas, they can pick up a tick. So regulair check in tick season and watch the bite place for certain 3 days after. If a red ring around it is developed, you could have Lyme disease. Then better go to doctor to have anti biotics. If you dont then you can have later lots of unexplained issues with your body. reminds me of a time when i was young and was on holiday in the UK , Wales, passing
  2. Yesterday had a chat with the wife and though i hadnt read it yet somewhere, she red Thailand had imported the lambda virus. Coming from Australia. Thai people working there flying in and out to Thailand. So it means Thai people arent checked anyway and easily bring in the next generation virus. I forgot to ask where she red it. Is it fake news she red? But i have red in Asean now cases about Thai coming in with corona. One form Africa, one from Pakistan and one on an inland flight(?). They were tested positive after flying ! Otherwise again Thailand is
  3. Had in past migraine developed which could be triggered by several things. One triggering where all started with was statines, against high cholesterol. There are more negative reactions with statines and i dont use it anymore for years. Better higher cholesterol then the really super bad headaches i got from it. I start using curcuma, though the specialist told me it didnt work. However my cholesterol level lowered and i knew "it wouldnt work". So no placebo effect then?! After i had my second shot of Pfizer, my headaches faded away ! Amazing, coincidence? Se
  4. Ha, its not allowed to cut the ropes, then it is attempt to murder. Think about all the people working in Abu Dabi on the new stadiums for soccer world championship. They let people work without any safety, until now in 10 years time more then 6500 people died at building over there. That is more then 2 people /day, that isnt murder? I ve seen Thai worker on bamboo "scaffold" working, one foot on one pole , other on another pole, hand wrapped again around another pole and then working with one hand. No safety line at all. If i would have done that in my country at work
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