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  1. Another negative aspect is, they use: The two mining companies operating in the Atacama, the Chilean firm SQM and their US counterpart Albemarle, pump up nearly 2,000 liters of brine per second. That’s the equivalent of pumping up 1,209 million liters of saltwater per week, or more than 63 billion liters per year. Fresh water ! At the end again a catastrophic impact on environment. It will not last long for cars to drive on electric, it is just a fase in making money. SHELL already found away of converting CO2 into a fuel. So wait for a while and we
  2. My country, many years, is investing in Thailand, that is also my money. So now finally i can own land, having a long term visa and no more reporting? It is about time. However it would be right to control the amount of land. Especially from USA, they are buying everywhere and dont care. I remember a deal in Sudan, where 650000 ha land was bought for just 25000 dollar. Land taken from locals. Free to use anyway they like. And thats not the only piece in Africa. However that said, guess Chinese will do the same.
  3. The new world. On your computer, you get cookies. All sorts of data is collected, sold and abused. So immigration is collecting data and maybe even sell it?. Be aware in the future they want more data. It is all about data data data. Collecting by computers and phones easy, but you can do also like this and then digitize it. Saw a docu about AI this week and jeepers, it will not become a good future. Hope USA, China or any country never find away to create an AGI, but guess it will come.
  4. You can test them any time you want. The op has no clue what all is and asked The B-class breakers are for sale at Thaiwatsadu, bought them there. IF the system is a din rail mounted, you can put up any breaker or RCBO or main breaker from any brand, as long as they are din rail mounted. If you buy a complete system, they can have another type of fitting and you are forced to deal with that. RCBO's indeed are all working on electricity, but the ones with adjustable settings (with electronica in it) are different then the what i call mechanical ones.(no electronica in it).
  5. OK first you MUST not do it yourself, changing box. However i can understand you want to pick one and HAVE that one replace the older one. At Thaiwatsadu, they have several systems, they are fixed with a group of breakers and or with RCBO or T safetycut. The main breaker in Thailand is mostly 63 A with combined a rcbo of 30 mA. That is a very important safety device. SImple said, if you touch a live wire then there is a current running through your body and can stop your heart, as your heart is a muscle and it will cripple that muscle, you die. You need another shock to b
  6. Yesterday i red in other forum indeed Wise. But just moving all in one 125 kpounds wouldnt be possible. It would be 50000 euro/transaction, so in 3 transactions it could be done. Also red Thai banks have to report such big incoming money to BoT, Thai central bank, for check ups. Wise would be cheaper in transactions then normal bank, as your bank could also do transactions. Also saw a docu about airports and there was an American travelling with 300000 dollar in a bag pack. He had all papers, so he couldnt get into trouble. But he needed it for business and decided it t
  7. I measured the voltage between myself and the sink, at 200volts! I You put one lead of the meter on the sink and the other you hold in your hand? you were on bare foots then? Amazing measuring. You switched off power (live?) and still measure it in same way. Even on a return valve in plastic pipe water supply. My best guess then would be, the water is conducting electricity. Maybe even built up static electricity in the water system. Water in Thailand is not Ph 7. More like Ph 4 (acid) or so and then it can conduct electricity. As you grounded all, as you s
  8. Only foreigners? I scratch my head, looks like a tracking app to follow ....foreigners. The numbers of infections are with Thai and workers from other countries(infected by Thai?) Got my vaccination and of course from my government... an app. No one ever asked me if i was vaccinated with polio, typhus and more. According to this site https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vpd/vaccines-age.html you should have 16 vaccinations at least for harmful diseases in your life. More and more i believe this outbreak of covid is abused to control people. There are no
  9. I red up to 5 gram, it will boost and above that, you better find a hangmat. But depends on personal factors, i guess. I drink whiskey and have no problem, but i drink 2 glasses of champagne and i can easily getting tipsy. Same as a glass of beer can make you instantly drunk.
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