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  1. I think not for very small amounts, which is how they got away with it. Quite clever, to dream up a scheme which wouldn't raise alarm bells as they 'attacked' a huge number of cards. Simply by sheer numbers they were likely to make a lot of money, which is what happened.
  2. Then they return home with their rose-coloured glasses intact. Anyone who stays in Thailand for any length of time discovers what a - how can I say this politely? - challenging place it can be. And when we see something wrong, we don't hold back in saying so and those in charge don't like it.
  3. I almost never use my phone and have something similar with AIS, but as far as I know it isn't available unless they offer it to you. It's 3 baht a month and available for six months. Outside of that offer, I transfer any credit I have to my wife's AIS number and buy another 50 baht credit, rinse and repeat.
  4. Has anyone posted that it is? This is a forum about what happens in Thailand.
  5. Temples are run as a business. They charge for all their services, yet still hoards of people show up on various temple days and deluge them with food, money and other gifts.
  6. They trialed contactless payments on the airport bus to Don Muang a couple of years ago, I believe.
  7. As an aside, my extension is until 22 November 2021. My approval was received on 23 December 2020. I made my new application today, early, and expected to be told to report back on 22 November, but instead they've stated 23 December, my 90 day report date and 60 days or so from my application date. Anyway, I assume I'll get the okay in a month from now and the 90 day report clock will start again from November.
  8. And if that's the case, something that even visitors to North Korea don't have to use, then there are many dozens of alternative places for tourists to visit where Big Brother isn't tracking your every move.
  9. Smart phones are computers... The poster was asked how he can do internet banking when he said that he doesn't do it by phone.
  10. Or, they could allow foreigners longer-term permission to stay. My Thai sister-in-law and her Dutch husband are living in Hungary. Five year visas given, and the country hasn't fallen.
  11. I know it's increasingly difficult for people these days to understand, but not everything has be done on a phone. There are these old-fashioned things called computers which people can use too.
  12. Probably. I used to use them and then had the service down from late Friday until Monday. Gave them up for 3BB, who as a thank you for the switch gave me a 50% discount for the first six months. When they installed it there was a problem connecting it up and they worked until just before midnight on a Sunday to get it up and running. Any problems since, solved within the hour.
  13. From what you've written here, just tell her that if she isn't happy with what she has then she is free to leave. Simple as that. If she wants expensive stuff then she, not you, has to work for it. At the moment, it's take take take, but here's your dinner. As for her son, he is her responsibility, not yours.
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