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  1. If they are now demanding that foreigners pay tax, will they provide forms etc in English, the main language that foreigners understand? I have in mind no longer transferring money over for living expenses from my UK income each month, but charging supermarket shopping to my UK credit card. If I bring nothing over and have no income in Thailand, they can't tax nothing.. Credit card charges are not that high and the bills would be paid monthly with no interest, and I also wouldn't pay the (admittedly modest) transfer fee to Wise. Any expenses can by paid from what money I have here now.
  2. The usual Thai reaction to anything negative. Never happened, nothing to see here. At least he received an apology. Blocked him speaking with the media to protect payient welfare, my ar*s. There. Fixed it
  3. That is your opinion, without knowing anything about the location. What do you regard as a 'decent' gated community? And how would you guard against a rogue employee, which might exist in any business in Thailand. Including banks, I might add.
  4. Traditionally in Issahn sinsod is paid by the groom or his family and the groom then moves to the brides home and becomes a laborer for her and her family. I would hardly regard that as selling their daughter or human trafficking. So you are saying that the groom pays her family for the privilege of living in her home as an unpaid worker, to serve his wife and her family? All a bit archaic, isn't it, with no place in reality in the modern world.
  5. But weekday afternoons are fine. No thieves or accidents about then.
  6. Why isn't selling your daughter regarded as human trafficking in Thailand? Ah, Thai culture. Okay. That's fine, then.
  7. About two seconds on Google will answer your question. I'm surprised you didn't think of that. It's a great way to get instant answers, rather than ask on a forum. Actually, I have a suspicion why you posted such a question, but I'll just leave it there.
  8. While there be warning notices at all entry points into Thailand that vaping is banned and could lead to a prison sentence (as it already can, by the way, but like all laws in Thailand there is no enforcement)? Just as a warning to ignorant tourists who might be stunned to discover that what they can do freely in their own country, buy vaping products in every high street or mall, could land you in hot water and offer an income opportunity for the local boys in tight brown uniforms.
  9. They aren't denying the charges, then. Just saying they were caught out by 'deception'.
  10. Not really. The security guard vanished the same day my friend's house was broken into and stripped. The police refused to investigate unless he paid them 100,000 baht. That's when he decided to leave this s**thole for good and return to Australia, and his Thai wife was only too happy to get out with him.
  11. I was at Don Mueang Airport last week and wanted a McDonald's breakfast. Used the order screen and it tried to include something I didn't want, I think as it was only two baht extra. I'm trying to cancel and swearing at the screen and an employee comes over. I said let's go to the till, I told her what I wanted and it was done and paid for in cash in less than 20 seconds. 20 seconds instead of two minutes. She saw the funny side, bless her. On another note and related to businesses that refuse cash, s it even legal to refuse legal tender? If so, the world has turned upside down. Here's a thousand baht note. Cannot accept. Madness.
  12. It was clearly written with AI as the 'journalist' was unable to compose it himself. I stopped reading after the first three paragraphs. I want to read facts (which according to the comments in this case are confused or non-existent), not nonsense like sun-soaked paradise. We have to accept that many of the 'journalists' here, even foreign ones, are working here as they wouldn't get a job in the west. They simply are not good enough, but might claim they are here for the life-style. Right. And I write as a journalist of over 40 years standing who has written for almost every UK Daily and Sunday national newspaper, and who has worked now and then with Thai journalists. If I recall correctly, and I do stand to be corrected, this writer is the editor-in-chief at The Thaiger, but still has to resort to AI. That says it all.
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