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  1. They can't be replaced. They re-wrote the constitution to make sure that can't happen.
  2. Bearing in mind that the reason Thailand is (I think) the only country in the region not to have casinos is because the illegal ones rake in billions for the 'untouchables' of Thai society, I doubt that the Chinese will be able to muscle in. If they try, things could get very nasty.
  3. Exactly right, and the pandemic gave them the perfect opportunity to do so.
  4. Get her trained and by the time she grows up she might have an income stream doing this.
  5. If the owner is in China and, as you suggest might happen, takes no responsibility for the agent he employed, then how will he force you and other tenants to vacate? Even knowing who the missing agent is via her ID card isn't going to get the money back, and it is the owner she cheated, not you, by not passing on the rent. It is her, not you, the owner should be going after. His dispute with her is, surely, nothing to do with you. You have done nothing wrong, and you and others have paid rent and presumably have receipts.
  6. I wonder how they will define foreign residents. Does that mean they have to have a resident permit, or does a marriage one-year extension count? I'd guess it might only be the former, and that anyone living full-time in Thailand with family doesn't count as a resident.
  7. We have six dogs and they all pick up ticks when they go self-walking in the fields. My wife has infinite patience and each day she goes through their hair and kills the critters. The dogs love the attention and line up for their 'massage'. We do also buy self-administered injections from the vet which last about six months and that kills any ticks or fleas. Note to self: Time to buy another round of needles.
  8. Cheaper tvs that I've looked at when I wanted a small second set tended to have a USB but not HDMI socket. Sad, isn't it. I remember paying 48,000 for a 43", now costs 12,000 or thereabouts for HDMI quality. My first laptop computer here cost me 78,000 and now it costs around 10,000 for far more umph. I remember buying a digital camera with, I think, 10 megapixels for 18,000, and now it's included 'free' with my phone.
  9. You don't read doesn't mean that others don't. And that includes about incidents in Pattaya.
  10. Not unusual for the temperature to hit 35 in the cool season. The difference is there's much lower humidity, and that makes it far more comfortable.
  11. A very good question. I need to travel to the UAE for 15 days. Why is it that whenever declarations are made by the Thai government there are still questions that need to be asked. Another example of Thais being totally unable to think something through.
  12. Okay. I once had a Facebook message from a friend asking for money, a message he didn't send. Interesting that these sites can be hacked, especially by a young Thai woman. As we know all too well, Thais are not great with computer systems. But then, she doesn't programme for the government...
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